How to sell items - New World

Start selling items in New World with the Trading Post to make some more gold.


One way to make gold in New World is to sell items. As you adventure across the land, you’ll no doubt wind up with an inventory full of stuff you want to offload in exchange for some gold. Unfortunately, New World doesn’t have merchants that will blindly purchase your unwanted trash for hundreds of gold, so you’ll need to use other methods to sell gear.

How to sell items

new world sell items trading post
Find the Trading Post in a Settlement to begin selling items in New World.

To sell items in New World requires the use of the Trading Post. Each of the major settlements in each territory will have a Trading Post somewhere in the city – marked as a set of scales on the map. The Trading Post is where you will offer up goods to sell to other players, purchase gear from others, and put in buy orders for things you want to get.

Trading Post – Buy & Sell

new world buy and sell items
The Trading Post is where you can buy and sell items.

As for actually selling gear in New Worlds, locate the Trading Post and interact with it. In this new screen you can see the Buy, Sell, and My Orders tabs which will show what is being sold, what you can sell, and what you have ordered, respectfully.

The Buy tab is where you can find everything other players have offered up to sell. This is a great way to find resources that you need which you don’t want to go search for in the wild.

Selling items requires the use of the Sell tab. Use the categories on the left-hand side to find the items you want to sell. The sections are divided into groups such as weapons, clothes, and resources. Find the items you want to sell, select it, and then choose Place Sell Order.

Place Sell Order

new world place sell order
The Place Sell Order page is where you can set the listing price, see the fees and taxes, and compare your price to other players' items.

The Place Sell Order screen will show you the current sell orders from other players. Use this information to decide whether the item you want to sell is something others will actually want to purchase. For example, no one is going to by the basic sword you started with, so you might as well scrap it for the items used to repair gear.

Use this screen to set a listing price, how many of said item you want to sell, and how long the order will be listed on the Trading Post (up to 28 days). You will note that there is a transaction charge and listing fee.

The listing fee is based on how long you want the item on the Trading Post. The transaction charge is based on the Trading Tax of the territory in which you are selling the item. The tax you pay can be reduced by increasing your standing with the territory. Check this stat by opening the map, clicking on the Settlement, and then scrolling down to Taxes.

When item is listed, you can find it under the My Orders tab. Use this to check the price of the item and how long is left until it is removed from the Trading Post.

Selling items in New World requires use of the Trading Post. One of these can be found in each major settlement, though listing your wares does come with some taxes. However, if you’re selling something others want, you’ll start making plenty of gold. Stop by the Shacknews New World page for more tips.

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    September 29, 2021 11:45 PM

    Sam Chandler posted a new article, How to sell items - New World

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      September 30, 2021 9:43 AM

      So this is a pretty annoying mechanic for junk you want to get rid of that no one will buy

      What's the best way to get rid of that stuff?

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        September 30, 2021 9:47 AM

        I have yet to sell anything and I'm at level 16 or so. I've salvaged all unused gear for repair points and I think you get crafting material back.

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        There's no point selling junk - you wouldn't buy it. Just salvage all your trash for repair items and gold.

        I'd wager the Trading Post is best used for resources you don't want to spend time gathering - iron, bait, and probably end-game weapons and armor.

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