Splitgate's September Update adds mantling, voice chat fixes and more

Get ready to never miss a jump to a ledge again thanks to Splitgate's new mantling system.


Splitgate has been gaining a lot of traction in the arena shooter world and fans should prepare for a major new addition to their movement repertoire with the game’s September Update. That’s right, not only does Splitgate have literal portals to leap through and jetpacks to propel you around the map, but the September Update has added mantling.

Announced via a press release and expanded upon via the game’s blog on September 28, 2021, the Splitgate September Update is set to include mantling, Nvidia Reflex, a featured playlist, and more tweaks and balances for the game.

splitgate september update mantling

The biggest addition, and one that is bound to cause the most stir to players, is the addition of mantling. Nowadays, first-person shooters tend to all include mantling, the ability to grab the edge of a ledge you are jumping too (or fell off of), and pull yourself up. This new movement will need to be weaved into players muscle memory as they learn new ways to manoeuvre around the maps.

The update to Splitgate also includes Nvidia Reflex, which is only available for PC and only those with Nvidia GPUs. This update should “shave precious milliseconds off of reaction times” which will no doubt help remove any external influences out of you securing a kill.

The other major addition is the featured playlist. This playlist will include different modes that rotate through on a weekly basis. Players should find it gives them an opportunity to play different modes with a large playerpool.

Also of note is a fix to the Karman Station map that was causing crashing. The graphic bug has been found, squashed, and scraped from the code – so now players can enjoy revisiting this location.

Be sure to swing over to the official site for more information on this new and exciting game that is drawing a whole lot of Halo fans towards it. You can also portal over to the Shacknews Splitgate page for our ongoing coverage of this excellent shooter.

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