Knockout City: Season 3 gets 'H@CKeD' in two weeks

Knockout City goes to the big house for Season 3 as a hacker watches over all of the dodgeball action.


Knockout City has been a barrel of laughs for the first couple of seasons, as players have ventured all across a high-tech city playing intense rounds of dodgeball. The setting for Season 3 is going to change things up slightly, as players get put into lockdown. On Thursday, EA and Velan Studios announced that Season 3 would launch in two weeks under the subtitle, "H@CKeD."

The biggest addition to Knockout City's Season 3 will be a new map called Lockdown Throwdown. As its name implies, players will be taken to an abandoned jail. However, while the jail is unmanned, its security systems still appear to be active and have been hacked by an unsavory ne'er-do-well named Z3R0. Spotlight Drones will patrol the prison during games and anyone who crosses them will activate a security turret, which fires Cage Balls. While those are obstacles that most players will want to avoid, some of the more savvy types can use this to their advantage, either by luring their opponents into a turret's line of fire or by catching a Cage Ball to use themselves.

Along with the new map, expect to find new playlists and events, as well as a new Brawl Pass. The Brawl Pass will feature 100 levels with distinct rewards, which will offer a supplemental way to earn rewards along with the player's Street Rank. Look for new cosmetics, including the all-new Crew Vehicle: Motorcycles. The motorcycles come in different varieties and rarities, including a Legendary "Ghost Rider" chopper that's about as sleek as a ride can get.

Knockout City: Season 3 will launch on Tuesday, October 5 at 5 a.m. PT. If you want to learn more about Knockout City, you can check out our review. You can also jump over to the Knockout City website.

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