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Metroid Dread's new amiibo 2-pack delayed for Euro customers

The game's amiibo 2-pack featuring Samus and an EMMI robot will now arrive about a month after launch in early November.


For the 2021 holiday season, no game is bigger for Nintendo faithful than the upcoming Metroid Dread. Reviving the classic 2D gameplay that made the franchise a household name, Dread brings the revered franchise to the Nintendo Switch for the first time (if you don’t count some Samus' appearances in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). To celebrate the release of the game, Nintendo is producing an exclusive new amiibo package that includes a Samus and EMMI robot figure. Sadly, the European arrival of this amiibo pack has been delayed until the first week of November.

Nintendo first broke the news of the shipping delay via Twitter, blaming the issue on unforeseen shipping problems.

In addition to making your shelves look cool, these new amiibo offer an in-game bonus as well. Scanning in the pack's Samus figure adds an extra energy tank to your health, increasing its overall capacity by 100 HP. The EMMI robot amiibo grants an extra missile tank that boosts Samus' missile capacity by ten. These permanent power-ups are often tough to come by in most Metroid games, so missing out on these bonuses for at least a month will be tough for European players.

It seems that logistics and shipping delays are the new normal for the foreseeable future as the world still struggles to adjust to life with the COVID-19 virus.

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