How to get the rainbow armor skins - Splitgate

Unlock the rainbow armor skins in Splitgate and show other players just how lucky you are.


The rainbow armor skin is one fancy cosmetic item in Splitgate that has drawn the eyes of quite a few players. Those that are thoroughly enjoying this new twist on the classic arena shooter genre are trying to work out how to get the rainbow armor. Thankfully, you won’t need to go searching through the store.

How to get rainbow armor skin

The rainbow armor skins in Splitgate are a random drop from the game’s loot box system. These boxes are awarded after earning enough XP or from leveling up the game’s battle pass. This means, the best way to improve your chances of getting rainbow armor is to get more drops. Keep in mind, rainbow armor is pretty rare and you might not get the exact version of it you like (if you do manage to get one to drop).

splitgate rainbow armor
Credit to Reddit user bdcjr for the image of this rainbow armor.

The battle pass is one of the most consistent ways to get loot box drops in Splitgate. Starting at level 5, you will get a drop every 10 levels, ending at 95. This means you will end up receiving a total of 10 drops if you purchase the battle pass.

Outside of the battle pass, there are challenges to complete that reward XP. Earn enough XP and you will receive drops that you can open for your chance at the rainbox skin. Try to focus on the challenges that earn reward you the most XP. You can also earn XP by simply logging in each day and claiming your login rewards.

Outside of luck, there’s really no way to guarantee that rainbow armor will drop. Your best chance is to just increase the number of drops you get and that’s done by playing the game. Log in every day, even if you can’t play, so you don’t miss out on the daily login bonus. Some days will also reward you with a drop.

For those that want to flaunt a rainbow armor skin in Splitgate, it’s going to take a bit of luck (or RNG, as gaming communities like to call it). Just keep earning XP, completing challenges, and logging in and you’ll eventually unlock one through the game’s loot box drop system. Take a moment to portal over to the Shacknews Splitgate page for more coverage of this hit new shooter.

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