Sonic Colors: Ultimate devs readying Nintendo Switch patch to address major bugs

Players of the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Colors: Ultimate have reported a number of troubling glitches and bugs.


Sega has finally put out Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and it’s not a bad game in most forms. It brings back and polishes one of the better 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games around, but the quality isn’t level across the board. Apparently, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has featured issues that don’t quite appear on the other platforms, such as unintended strobing lighting effects in some levels. With this in mind, the team at Blind Squirrel Games is prepping a patch for the Nintendo Switch version of the game that should target some of these issues, though it was suggested that some of these bugs may be beyond its control.

An update was recently offered on a Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Nintendo Switch patch by the Sonic the Hedgehog Social Media Manager. Reportedly, the team is “assessing” bugs and glitches in the Nintendo Switch version of the game in preparation for a patch that should be released in the near future. While there are definitely bugs on the Switch version, a follow-up post suggested that not all of them are legit due to the use of emulation software, and therefore those unspecified bugs can’t be squashed.

We found Sonic Colors: Ultimate to be quite a fun return of the game in our Shacknews review. The music is great, the new modes and features are fun, and the controls felt excellent, but it’s worth noting that we didn’t review the game on Nintendo Switch, which has had a bit of a different story. Even if some alleged bugs are the result of bad emulation, other players have reported graphic and animation issues with the game. Nintendo Life was able to replicate and confirm said issues in its own Nintendo Switch gameplay of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, as well. So while many forms of Sonic Colors: Ultimate are quite playable and fun, would-be Switch players may want to wait for the update to address the bigger bugs before jumping in.

Blind Squirrel Games mentioned that it would be getting the patch out the door for Sonic Colors: Ultimate soon, so stay tuned as we await further updates on the game. We’ll have patch notes here at Shacknews as soon as they launch.

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