ShackStream: skankcore64 Episode 85 - Crystal Castles

Join Bryan for skankcore64, the quest to complete every North American N64 game on Shacknews Twitch.


Hello Sunday Shackers, we're about to begin another week but first I'm bringing you one more episode of skankcore64. This is my project all about completing every Nintendo 64 game release in North America. If you have a hankering for some gaming from the early-days of polygons, Shacknews Twitch is the place to be at 1 p.m. PT/ 4 p.m. ET!

Episode 85 - Crystal Castles

Last time on skankcore64, I found my way into Shiver City from the depths of the Toad Town sewers. This quaint penguin-inhabited snowbound village was immediately beset by a classic penguin murder mystery when I made my way to the mayor. After a few excellent penguin puns, it was revealed that the mayor wasn't murdered after all. The clumsy government penguin had bumped his own head trying to retrieve a present, which set off the whole commotion. With the town saved from a non-existent murderer, I could make my way to the Crystal Palace to hopefully topple the Crystal King and free the last Star Spirit.

It looks like today's episode is going to begin with another boss battle, so you won't want to miss the beginning of the livestream. After hopefully conquering the Crystal King, I'll have one last chance to finish up any side quests or optional fights before beginning the final chapter and confronting Bowser. This adorable adventure has been a pleasure to play since the first minute but soon I'll be back to playing some of the N64's less desirable offerings. Tune in to Shacknews Twitch for the final sections of Paper Mario and be sure to suggest some terrible titles for the next game I try to tackle.

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From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years. You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library and follow him on Twitter @skankcore.

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