Knockout City is free with Amazon Prime Gaming in September

Have you still not played Knockout City? Help yourself to a free copy of the PC version, courtesy of Prime Gaming.


One of the most pleasant surprises in video games this year has been Velan Studios' multiplayer dodgeball fest, Knockout City. The studio and its publisher, Electronic Arts, have really wanted players to give it a try, to the point that the game had an extended free trial at launch. Those who missed out on that opportunity are about to get a new crack at Knockout City, courtesy of Amazon's Prime Gaming service.

For the month of September, Prime members will be able to claim full copies of Knockout City on PC. Those copies will activate on EA's Origin service. However, that's not all that Prime users can pick up. Starting September 1, Prime users can pick up Sam & Max Hit the Road, Candleman: The Complete Journey, Puzzle Agent, Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis, Tools Up, and Unmemory. DRMs for the other games are going to vary, so you'll want to double check with the Prime Gaming website to see what you're getting. If those games aren't to your liking, you can also find free content for games like Genshin Impact, Madden NFL 22, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

We've loved Knockout City here at Shacknews, going back to our original review. Let's take a look back at that review to explain what players are in for.

Knockout City envisions a world without guns, where disputes are settled in the streets with chaotic matches of Dodgeball, erm, Dodgebrawl, as the game calls it. In Knockout City, two teams of (usually) three face off in Dodgebrawl matches, which consists of three rounds. Each round is won by the first team to reach ten points. Points are scored by getting a knockout on an opposing player. Everybody has two hearts of “health,” getting hit by the ball will deplete a heart. Lose two, that’s a knockout.

For more on September's Amazon offerings, including Knockout City, be sure to visit the Prime Gaming blog.

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