Elon Musk reveals Tesla Bot at AI Day

Tesla is known as an electric vehicle company, but today they showed off a robot that looks like a Daft Punk reject.


Tesla held its AI Day presentation this evening, and Elon Musk announced a new robot after showcasing some AI computing technology.

Tesla Bot is a friendly robot that will be built by humans, for humans. It stands 5'8" tall, has a 45 lbs carrying capacity, weighs 125 lbs, can deadlift 150 lbs, walks 5 MPH, and will be able to help eliminate dangerous, boring, and repetitive tasks.

Tesla Bot features 40 electromechanical actuators.
Tesla Bot features 40 electromechanical actuators.

Tesla Bot will feature autopilot cameras and a full self-driving computer that will enable neural net planning, auto-labeling, simulation tools, and Dojo training.

As with most Elon Musk product announcements, Tesla Bot is very much vaporware at this time. There is no price, release date, or actual product just yet. The team at Tesla detailed a bunch of stuff about their Dojo chip architecture.

Musk also discussed his belief that robotics and automation will accelerate the need for universal basic income to be implemented. Tesla was pretty cagey about exactly what Tesla Bot users can expect from their robots. Tesla Bot's humanoid form factor definitely differentiates itself from Boston Dynamics' more popular robots and has the Shacknews staff asking questions. Is it possible that Elon Musk is creating a fleet of sex robots that are hell bent on taking your job? Would you trust the lifelike hands of a Tesla Bot with the dirty jobs around your house?

When asked about the human form factor of Tesla Bot, Elon Musk said, "We certainly hope this does not feature any dystopian movie." He reiterated that they want the Tesla Bot to do boring, dangerous, repetitive tasks, but that it could be their friend. "Some people will come up with creative uses." Sounds like users probably could have sex with this thing, if they put their minds to it.

For this poorly-paid finance reporter slumming it at a game website, I am not sure Tesla Bot should be trusted. I reached out to our own Shacknews teledildonics expert about today's announcement and they replied "I'll buy into this shit if Elon showed that robot roofing a house in the summer." Tesla certainly could use the help installing Solar Roofs these days, as many customers are still waiting to join the solar revolution.

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