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A step-by-step guide for unlocking all 12 Achievements in Twelve Minutes.


There are 12 Achievements to unlock in Twelve Minutes and they can be pretty tough to find. Players that want to 100% Twelve Minutes will need to work through the game a few times if they want to unlock all the Achievements. While some Achievements can be acquired in a single run, others require the progress to be deleted and a new game started.

The following Twelve Minutes Achievements guide contains heavy spoilers. If you have not played the game yet, stop reading immediately and complete it at least once. Reading further will result in major plot points being spoiled.

The following guide is under construction and will be updated as more clear paths to the Achievements are discovered.

How to unlock all Achievements

Twelve Minutes has 12 Achievements for players to unlock. A lot of them focus on reaching certain conclusions while others require you to do specific acts during a full run. You will need to delete your progress and start a new attempt in order to get them all. To do this, pause the game, go to Options, then Advanced, and select Delete Progress.

twelve minutes achievements spoilers

This is your last chance. Turn back now or have Twelve Minutes spoiled for you.

Continue (I) – Achievement 1

Pending discovery…

Mindfulness (II) – Achievement 2

Pending discovery…

Alone (III) – Achievement 3

twelve minutes achievements alone

The Alone (III) Achievement is one of the possible endings in Twelve Minutes. For this achievement, you must tell the father that you will abandon your wife and unborn child. It’s not enough to do this once. You must revisit the scene a couple of times, and choose to leave your wife a couple of times before the Alone achievement is unlocked. The dialogue option that sealed the deal for me was, “Maybe it’s better that we aren’t together.”

This is probably one of the easiest achievements to get, as you don’t really need a specific set of dialogue options to get here. Just interact with the Pocket Watch in the vent and, provided you’ve got enough information, you should be transported back in time to the interaction with the father.

Confessed (IV) – Achievement 4

twelve minutes achievements confessed

The Confessed (IV) Achievement is unlocked by confessing to the cop that you killed the father. To do this requires specific dialogue options be selected and that you have the pocket watch in your possession:

  1. Talk to your wife. Select the following dialogue options. She will sit on the couch and cry.
    1. Talk about her past…
    2. Tell her what really happened
    3. Say you killed her father.
    4. Say it’s your fault and you regret it.
    5. Say you will confess to the cop.
  2. Call Bumblebee
    1. Say your wife is innocent.
  3. Get the Pocket Watch from the vent
  4. Wait for the cop to get to your apartment
  5. Let the wife talk to the cop
  6. Speak to the cop when prompted and select the following:
    1. Tell him you killed her father
    2. Say it’s your fault.
    3. Tell him about the watch.
  7. Your wife will ask you to leave and eventually lock herself in the bathroom.

At this point, you can leave the apartment or end the run some other way and you will unlock the Confessed (IV) achievement.

Coward (V) – Achievement 5

Pending discovery…

Groundhog (VI) – Achievement 6

twelve minutes achievements groundhog

The Groundhog (VI) Achievement is unlocked by having a lovely evening with the wife whereby you both end up in bed snuggling. This is only possible after you have Bumblebee’s number and can tell her why her father is really coming to your apartment. Do the following steps:

  1. Greet your wife, don’t rush through the dialogue
  2. Get the phone from the closet and go into the bathroom, lock the door
  3. Call Bumblebee
    1. Tell her why her father is really doing this.
  4. Speak to your wife
    1. Tell her it’s a good time for the dessert.
  5. Wait for your wife to set the table, then sit down
  6. Open the present when she gives it to you and choose positive responses:
    1. Tell her what you think…
    2. It’s going to be great.
  7. When your wife asks you to dance, accept:
    1. With pleasure.
  8. If your wife says you seem different, say:
    1. Tell her how much you love her.

At this point, your wife will ask you to follow her into the bedroom. Interact with her on the bed and enjoy the peaceful evening or squirm in horror. The scene will end and you will unlock Groundhog (VI).

Faun (VII) – Achievement 7

twelve minutes achievements faun

The Faun (VII) Achievement is unlocked by viewing the painting in the bedroom at all of its stages.

  1. Man and woman on a balcony, surrounded by white flowers
  2. Woman recoiling from man, white flowers gone
  3. Man by himself with monster shadow in the background

The second and third stages happen at different times. The second stage appears to happen after talking with the cop and convincing him the wife is innocent. The third stage occurs after the first encounter with the father. Your best bet is to go into the room and look at the painting after each time loop.

Seasons (VIII) – Achievement 8

Pending discovery…

Ouroboros (IX) – Achievement 9

twelve minutes achievements ouroboros

Much like the other painting Achievements, Ouroboros (IV) is unlocked by viewing the painting of the egg during its stages.

  1. A plain egg
  2. The eye of a snake is visible at the top
  3. The egg is gone and is replaced by a snake eating its tail

The second stage of the painting is revealed after the first visit to see the father upon picking up the pocket watch. The third stage is when you get the Alone (III) achievement, find the apartment empty, and restart the evening by changing the position of the hands on the pocket watch.

Fluidity (X) – Achievement 10

twelve minutes achievements fluidity

The Fluidity (X) Achievement requires you to water the plant once. This plant is in the bedroom and can be watered by getting a mug, filling it with water at the sink, and dumping it on the plant.

Listen (XI) – Achievement 11

Pending discovery…

Gardener (XII) – Achievement 12

Pending discovery…

Most of the 12 Achievements in Twelve Minutes are all rather involved in their unlocking requirements. While some are easy, the others require you to select very specific dialogue options, reach certain conclusions, or pay attention to tiny details. Stop by the Shacknews Twelve Minutes page for more information on this excellent new indie title.

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