The Twelve Minutes launch trailer shows the tricky problems of time loops

Get ready to repeat the same evening in Twelve Minutes. Get ready to repeat the same evening in Twelve Minutes.


Twelve Minutes releases this week and it’s safe to say that a whole lot of people are looking forward to unravelling the mystery of the time loop. The game has received a launch trailer that gives a look at the time loop the man is stuck in and the tricky problems that arise from reliving the same evening, specifically, trying to convince someone you’re stuck in a time loop and what to do about that.

In Twelve Minutes, players have 12 real-world minutes to work out what is going on and solve the mystery, before the evening starts all over again. Part of the puzzle looks to be using the limited amount of time to arm yourself with knowledge of what’s coming to try and change the outcome.

Featuring the voice acting talents of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe, Twelve Minutes offers players a top-down, interactive thriller with, as the Steam page puts it, “an accessible click and drag interface.” There’s actually a lovely Twelve Minutes featurette that highlights the work the three actors put in to bringing these characters to life as well as a look at what went in to making this unique game.

As for the launch trailer, it gives players a bit of an insight into the various events that can happen to a person’s life in the span of a mere 12 minutes. As the man tries to explain to his wife what’s happening to him, players get to see quick shots of different situations: a black-clothed man punches the protagonist, the same black-clothed man arrests the woman, and in another scene the woman lies in a pool of blood while the man is zip-tied.

Take a look at our latest preview of Twelve Minutes, in which our own Ozzie Mejia says, “Once players begin the Twelve Minutes time loop, it's hard to envision stopping until the mystery is ultimately solved.”

Twelve Minutes is scheduled to release on August 19 on Xbox Game Pass, PC (on Steam and Windows Store), Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews’ Twelve Minutes page for our ongoing coverage of the game.

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