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Back 4 Blood controls and keybindings

Discover the controls and keybindings for Back 4 Blood on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Back 4 Blood lets players go on a zombie-killing rampage with friends, but you’re not going to get far if you don’t know the controls or keybindings. While there are similarities between the Xbox and PlayStation controls, the PC keybindings are obviously going to be a bit different. Before you get started, make sure you brush up on how to perform each action.

Back 4 Blood Xbox controls

The Back 4 Blood controls for Xbox are pretty typical of what you might expect for a first-person shooter. 

Back 4 Blood controls - Xbox
Action Button
Fire Weapon RT
Aim Down Sight/Item Alt Use LT
Select Offensive Item RB
Ping LB
Jump/Mantle A
Reload/Interact X
Weapon Quick Swap Y
Crouch B
Comm Wheel D-pad Up/Down
Select Quick Item D-pad Left
Select Support Item D-pad Right
Sprint Click Left Stick
Bash Click Right Stick

Back 4 Blood PlayStation controls

The controls for PlayStation are the same as Xbox, it’s just that the names are a bit different for the buttons.

Back 4 Blood controls - PlayStation
Action Button
Fire Weapon R2
Aim Down Sight/Item Alt Use L2
Select Offensive Item R1
Ping L1
Jump/Mantle Cross
Reload/Interact Square
Weapon Quick Swap Triangle
Crouch Circle
Comm Wheel D-pad Up/Down
Select Quick Item D-pad Left
Select Support Item D-pad Right
Sprint L3
Bash R3

Back 4 Blood PC keybindings


With a firm grasp on the Back 4 Blood controls for Xbox, PlayStation or PC, you should be one step closing to either cleaning the world of the infected or taking out those pesky humans. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest on Back 4 Blood, from news to guides and everything in between.

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