Does Back 4 Blood have a campaign versus mode like Left 4 Dead?

Players want to know if Back 4 Blood features a campaign versus mode for some zombie PVP goodness like Left 4 Dead.


Back 4 Blood Campaign Versus mode; they’re words that fans of Left 4 Dead have hoped to read ever since Turtle Rock Studios announced the game. Now that it’s out and in player’s hands, they’re wondering whether it does have a Campaign Versus mode, and if not, why not?

Will Back 4 Blood have a Campaign Versus mode like Left 4 Dead?

Unfortunately, there is no campaign versus mode in Back 4 Blood like there was in Left 4 Dead. Instead, the PVP aspect will focus solely on the Swarm mode, which sees players defending an area and trying to last longer than the other team in a best-of-three rounds setup.

The Back 4 Blood FAQ (available via the Turtle Rock Studios Discord channel) confirmed that there would not be campaign PVP, “We do not have plans to have a campaign versus mode at this time.”

When questioned by a player for the reasoning behind this design decision, Turtle Rock Studios co-founder and design director Chris Ashton explained, “We have a lot of defensive equipment and our specials are good at ambushing. Defending worked far better for our game than running from A-B.” This seems to indicate that the mechanics work better for PVP if players can hole up in a location and prepare a defense rather than running-and-gunning through the streets to an exit point.

Though Back 4 Blood will not include a campaign versus mode, there is a PVP mode called Swarm that players are sure to enjoy. However, just because it’s not there at launch, doesn’t mean it will never happen, especially if players really want it and the developers can figure out a way to make it work well. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for the latest coverage and news on this exciting new title.

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