Play Ultimate Golf with Seinfeld's John O'Hurley to help stop child abuse

We got to speak with John O'Hurley about a special Childhelp charity event that is leveraging the power of video games.


People love playing video games, and they love helping people in need, so when the two come together, it’s a perfect unison. Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking with John O’Hurley (you might know him from his role as J. Peterman from Seinfeld) about his involvement with Childhelp and a special charity event that is happening in August within the Ultimate Golf app.

Childhelp is a charity organization that seeks to help suffers of child abuse. The charity started back in the 1950s when actors Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson helped a group of stranded children in Tokyo. Now, some 70 years later, John O’Hurley, the celebrity ambassador of Childhelp, has invited some of his celebrity friends along to play a virtual golf tournament in Ultimate Golf. Players are encouraged to join in on the fun and see if they can beat the celebs. The event is running from August 2 until August 8, 2021.

The idea behind the event is to reach a larger audience than would otherwise be possible through an in-person gala. O’Hurley comments that instead of trying to get someone to spend $20,000 to buy a golf team, he’s turning to individuals to chip in $5 to assist Childhelp. The $5 will actually get players some in-game goodies, including a unique Childhelp golf ball that features a host of boosts, like an increase to power, wind resistance, and other factors that will help you get your par score down.

The interview with O’Hurley covers quite a large swathe of topics, from the benefits of video games to his time with PAC-MAN and VR technology. There’s a lot of goodness in there, so make sure you watch it all. Take a look at the Childhelp site for more information on the charity and then stroll over to the Ultimate Golf site to read about the tournament. You’ll also need to get the game downloading on your mobile phone so you can help out.

For more celebrity interviews, video game news, and everything in between, check out the GamerHubTV and the Shacknews YouTube channel. Remember to jump in to Ultimate Golf over the next few days and see how you compare with the likes of John O’Hurley, Guy Fieri, and Alice Cooper.

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