Twitch is experimenting with optional stream display ads

Twitch is testing out a new ad option for streamers that doesn't interrupt a stream's sound or visuals during the livestream.


For services like Twitch and YouTube, ads are simply a part of business. Both platforms sell ads to promote revenue. That said, it’s far more of an issue on Twitch that YouTube. With YouTube, you can pause a video or close an ad and rewind. It’s not so easy on Twitch where streamers are running things live and ads can be intrusive to the visuals and sounds of a live show. With this in mind, Twitch is testing out an optional new type of display ad that doesn’t interrupt streams.

The new experimental ad option was announced by Twitch via its Support Twitter on August 2, 2021. With the above issues regarding ads over livestream programming, Twitch is allowing streamers to opt into a new picture-in-picture ad style that leaves the overall production clear. Instead of cutting away from the livestream to play a video ad or placing an invasive ad at the bottom of the livestream, this new ad type instead boxes in the livestream with a small border that plays ads without obscuring the sound or visual content of the stream.

A look at the above example shows how when an ad makes an appearance, it simply boxes the livestreamer in with a border that allows Twitch ads to run without interrupting the sights and sounds of the show. It makes the stream look a little smaller, but nothing is covered up by something like an obstructive pop-up that covers a portion of the streamer’s screen real estate. As Twitch has continuously sought to make streams a better experience for both users and viewers alike and continually grow its record-level audience, this should aid those who take issue with Twitch ads obscuring their show.

The new Twitch border display ads are currently experimental and users can opt into them if they so choose. It will be interesting to see how these go and if they find enough success for Twitch to consider turning them into a permanent option. Stay tuned for details and updates on the new Twitch ads here at Shacknews as they become available.

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