Astro's Playroom devs are working on their 'most ambitious game yet'

After being moved out of the closing Japan Studio into Sony Japan, Team Asobi is apparently working on the biggest game they've ever done.


Team Asobi has a lot of good reasons to be around in the era of the PS5. As the next-gen console generation has become more and more stable, Team Asobi was there with one of the opening volleys for the PS5 with Astro’s Playroom. While you wouldn’t be wrong to call it a demonstration of the PlayStation 5 console’s functionality, it also has a lot of charm to make it a fun time. With Asobi’s place secured in the PS5 generation, the studio recently launched a website and announced it’s working on its next big thing… the biggest yet, in fact, according to Asobi.

Team Asobi launched its new website fairly recently. The lively site shares the work Asobi has done so far, including Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and the PS5 launch title, Astro’s Playroom. Even so, the website shares that something new is underway, and it promises to be Team Asobi’s biggest project yet.

“We're currently hard at work on our most ambitious game yet!” the About Us page of the website claims.

There isn’t much to go on, But Team Asobi is also hiring for a number of positions in the studio to aid in the creation of its next game. Openings include gameplay programming, game design, engine work, art, and audio positions, so it would seem Asobi is still staffing up for whatever it’s next big project is.

Nonetheless, PlayStation has liked Asobi enough to keep the studio close by in the PS5 generation. Where Asobi was once under the umbrella of Studio Japan, a major closing saw the latter shut down along with key staff departing from the company. Despite this, Asobi was folded into Sony Japan in the aftermath.

Nothing is set in stone, but if you enjoyed Astros Playroom or Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, it would appear you can look forward to an even bigger game from Team Asobi in the future. Stay tuned as we await further information and details on Asobi’s latest project.

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