How to surrender - Pokemon Unite

Sometimes the outcome of a match is clear early on, so surrendering a game in Pokemon Unite is the path of least resistance.


Surrender in Pokemon Unite is sometimes an option. Whether it’s your teammates not pulling their weight or the opposing team is just too good, there are times where you might want to throw in the towel. Whether you want to call it quitting, forfeiting, or surrendering a game, the option is always there in Pokemon Unite.

How to surrender – Pokemon Unite

There is a way to surrender the game in Pokemon Unite. This option is tucked away in the settings menu, which is accessed via the scoreboard. To find it, follow these steps:

  • Press the Plus sign (+) to open the scoreboard
  • Hit the Minus sign (-) to open the settings menu
  • Tap the X button to surrender
pokemon unite how to surrender
The surrender option will become available at the halfway point of the game - which is 5 minutes.

You cannot initiate a surrender vote until 300 seconds has passed in the match – which is five minutes. On top of this, you can only request a surrender vote three times. That means if you initiate a vote to surrender three separate times and each times it fails, you will need to see the match through to the end.

If someone else initiates a vote to surrender, you will see the words “Surrender Vote” appear on-screen with five circles. You will then be able to press the button that appears on-screen to cast your vote. In the event you do not wish to surrender, you can just ignore the window and it will disappear when the yellow line depletes.

pokemon unite forfeit surrender vote
When someone starts a surrender vote, you can either vote "yes" to surrender or ignore it to continue playing.

Hopefully you won’t need to surrender too often in Pokemon Unite. However, if you do want to forfeit the match, knowing how to surrender can mean the difference between enjoying your next match of Pokemon Unite or being stuck in a losing game for another five minutes. Be sure to hop on over to the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for a wealth of guides and news on this hit new MOBA.

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