Fantasian's second part is nearly ready & will be twice as large as the first

Apple Arcade exclusive RPG Fantasian's follow-up is nearly ready and it's going to be quite a bit bigger than the original release.


Among much of the Apple Arcade library of games, one of the most interesting of the bunch this year is Fantasian. Crafted by Final Fantasy series creator and JRPG mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi, Fantasian brought a new and full-on traditional role-playing game adventure to mobile devices, and it’s gained much acclaim from audiences so far. That said, Sakaguchi has made it pretty clear that Fantasian was built as a two-part project. He recently made mention that the second part is almost done. What’s more, it’s going to be twice as big as the original release.

Indeed, these two details came from Hironobu Sakaguchi himself fairly recently. The first was on his personal Twitter account, where Sakaguchi shared that his development team is “almost done” with work on the second part of Fantasian. Sakaguchi would also go on to speak to Famitsu and share further details about what players can expect out of Fantasian’s second part, as reported by Video Games Chronicle. It was in that interview that Sakaguchi shared that the follow-up part is “twice as large as the first part.”

“This part is twice as large as the first part, which exceeded our expectations,” Sakaguchi shared. “The boss monsters are also unique and challenging. I’d like to thank all the development staff, the diorama makers, and all the sound staff including Mr Uematsu. They gave it their all. I think it’s a great game!”

Fantasian has had quite the interesting setup. The characters, monsters, and many other elements of the game are designed as 3D sprites, but the backgrounds are generally real-world dioramas designed for the game, giving it a very interesting collection of settings as players explore and move the story forward. Coming from the mind of the original Final Fantasy creator, Fantasian is also Sakaguchi’s first return to traditional JRPGs since Lost Odyssey back in 2007.

What’s more, the first part of Fantasian is no small adventure. On average, the game takes around 20 hours to beat, according to How Long to Beat. That means players and fans are in for a very meaty follow-up chapter if Fantasian’s part two is twice as large.

Despite being almost done according to Sakaguchi, the second part of Fantasian doesn’t have a release date just yet. Stay tuned right here on Shacknews for that information and more as it becomes available.

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