Can you check the score in Pokemon Unite?

Knowing the score in Pokemon Unite will make all the difference to player strategy.


There’s a lot going on during a match of Pokemon Unite, and those that want to keep track of the score will want to know if there’s a way to check it. It’s not unusual for MOBAs to give some indication of which team is winning, and in Pokemon Unite, it comes down to who dunks the most energy. Let’s talk about working out the score and figuring out who’s winning.

Can you check the score in Pokemon Unite?

Unfortunately, you cannot check the score in Pokemon Unite during the middle of a match. The only time the full score is displayed is at the very end of the game. However, even though you can’t see which team is winning, there are some ways which you can work out who is winning and what sort of distance there is between the two team’s scores.

pokemon unite check score
There is no way to check the score in the middle of a match of Pokemon Unite. You will just need to wait until the end.

One of the first ways to see who’s winning is to quickly count who has the most goals still active on the map. By filling up a goal with energy, it will eventually disappear, allowing the team to push further up a lane. A glance at the map can tell you which goals are missing. The more missing lanes, the more energy the opposing team has dunked.

If each team still has a lot of goals up or each one is missing the same number of goals, there is another way to see who is in the lead. Each goal will show how much energy must be dunked before the goal is removed. By visiting the goal locations, you can get a rough idea of how much each team has dunked. This will require a bit of calculation and running around the field, so it’s not a really useful method.

pokemon unite can you check the score
Though it doesn't tell you the score, the announcer will tell you if you're winning from the half-way point onwards.

Finally, the only other way to know if you’re winning is to listen out to the announcer and look for the text at the top of the screen. At the five-minute mark, the announcer will begin letting you know how your team is performing. This will then occur every minute thereafter until the match ends. Unfortunately, it gives you no meaningful information about how much you are winning or losing by – you could be winning by hundreds of points or by one.

The lack of score information is certainly frustrating, especially when something like a well-timed Zapdos can make or break a match. Hopefully Pokemon Unite receives an update so that players can check the score in the middle of a match. This is critical information that will greatly help teams formulate strategies to either turn the tide of battle or ensure their victory. Be sure to read over the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more tips.

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