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SkateBIRD developer talks the importance of story for newcomers to the genre

SkateBIRD is more than just a skateboarding game with a rich sandbox of moves, it's actually got a cute story.


SkateBIRD has taken the world of skateboarding video game enthusiasts by storm thanks to its use visuals and the fact it’s a cute bird riding a skateboard. After its announcement, the scope of SkateBIRD has only increased, and so we got to sit down with Megan Fox, the founder of Glass Bottom Games, to talk about developing during COVID, the importance of the game’s story mode, and more. Take a look at the video below!

One important element of SkateBIRD is its story mode, a fairly new addition to the game. Without a story mode, players that are new to the genre may struggle to dig deeper into the rich sandbox on offer. As Fox puts it, “Sandbox gameplay tends to appeal to more hardcore players because you have to be able to make your own fun.”

Fox notes that there was an importance in introducing players to what an ollie is and what transferring is, especially for those players that are new to skateboarding games. The team was able to achieve this through SkateBIRD’s story, giving players a means of understanding the world and why it's fun to string together a combo of moves.

On the development side of things, the situation with COVID didn’t directly impact the day-to-day of Glass Bottom Games, as the team already worked remotely. However, much like the rest of us, it certainly affected them on a personal level. Despite the woes over the past year, Fox was pleased to report that the game is finished, “The game is actually done, which is really exciting! It’s taken like three years, and we’re here now. Which is awesome.”

SkateBIRD is scheduled to release on August 12, 2021 across Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Take a look at the SkateBIRD Steam page and add it to your wishlist so you don’t miss it when it releases. You can also ollie over to the Shacknews SkateBIRD page for our coverage of this adorable skateboarding game. For more developer interviews, be sure to check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel as well as the official Shacknews YouTube channel.

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