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Annapurna Interactive and Falcon Age studio partner for new project

The makers of Falcon Age are working on a new project and it will be published by the folks at Annapurna Interactive.


The name Outerloop Games may not strike an immediate chord with most audiences, but this minority-led indie gaming studio has one noteworthy release under its belt. This is the team behind VR adventure Falcon Age. While their next project is currently unknown, it now looks like it will be published by Annapurna Interactive.

"For this new game, it's an idea that we had while we were making Falcon Age," Outerloop Games Creative Director Chandana Ekanayake said during Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase. "I didn't know exactly what the game was going to be, but I knew thematically what we wanted to try and do. I have a writing partner, Meg [Jayanth], who is in Bangalore. It took us a couple of years to figure out the core idea for the story and the theme. Then we pitched it to the team to see how they like it. It feels closer to some of the themes I wanted to try to tackle next, which is immigrant culture, growing up in the U.S., gossiping aunties, overbearing parents, and family pressure. Really, the game comes together with the whole crew of 15 bringing their own specialty."

The rest of the featurette introduces other members of the Outerloop team, along with some behind-the-scenes looks at Falcon Age. The development team brings a lot of combined experience to the table. Ekanayake's credits alone include Monday Night Combat and Planetary Annihilation, while co-writer Jayanth previously worked on Horizon: Zero Dawn and 80 Days.

There's nothing concrete about Outerloop's new project at the moment, but expect this new partnership with Annapurna Interactive to benefit the team significantly. The publisher's various services have included wrangling together big name Hollywood voice talent for games like the upcoming Twelve Minutes and Open Roads. We'll keep an eye on this newest collaboration and report back here at Shacknews with the latest updates.

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