Neon White reveals new gameplay at Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Looking for more on the next game from Donut County creator Ben Esposito? Here's a brief rundown of the upcoming Neon White.


After playing through a wholesome game like Donut County, few could have guessed where creator Ben Esposito would go next. As we learned during February's Nintendo Direct, it's straight to heaven where demons clash with high caliber weaponry. Months after revealing Neon White, Esposito dropped in on the Annapurna Interactive Showcase to talk more about what the game entails.

"Neon White is a single-player, speedrunning FPS, where you can sacrifice your guns for godlike parkour moves," Esposito explained. "You play as White, a dead assassin plucked from Hell. As a Neon, you have ten days to purge Heaven of a demonic invasion. But, you are not alone. Only the fastest demon slayer will earn the right to stay in Heaven. As you play White's story, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the other Neons."

The Donut County creator goes on to elaborate on Neon White's various mechanics. Players will mainly plan out routes and utilize weapon cards. These cards can be used as straightforward firearms to dispatch enemies or they can be discarded in order to activate their secondary function, which can be a double jump, ground pound, or even turn White into a fireball for a brief period. All cards are "Use it or lose it," so there's no point in saving cards. Players are encouraged to experiment in an effort to run through stages as quickly as possible. Full global leaderboards will be available for anybody who wants to show off their speed.

While Esposito cleared up some questions regarding how Neon White works, there isn't a release date for the game just yet. The game has a winter release window and is set to come to PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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