What would Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl look like with a Smash Ultimate-sized roster?

We take a crack at imagining just what it would take for Nickelodeon to fill out the 88 characters slots that are currently in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a really exciting idea. Not only are the devs from Slap City working to put together what we expect will be a great Smash-style fighting game, but the Nickelodeon universe comes pre-built with a library of great characters that a lot of people already love. We find ourselves wondering just how all out developer Ludosity will go with this though. Will they go to… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lengths? Ultimate currently features 88 characters in its roster. With that in mind (and just for fun) we theorized what an 88-character Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl roster would look like. Join us for a ride.

Confirmed Characters

These are the characters that are already 100 percent in on Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl as of its announcement.

1: Powdered Toast Man (Ren & Stimpy)

Powdered Toast Man is best known for appearing in commercials for Powdered Toast cereal. He also brings the power of fart-assisted flight and can shoot corrosive croutons out of his armpits. We think he'll do very well in the Brawl.

2: Helga (Hey Arnold!)

Few characters in the Nicktoons pantheon are tougher and meaner than Helga from Hey Arnold!. Before there was ever a Vicki from The Fairly Odd Parents, Helga was one of the baddest girls to ever grace a Nicktoons show and she's ready to show it on the battlefield. There's almost nothing that can bring her down... except maybe her love for Arnold, of course.

3: Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebob Squarepants)

Spongebob Squarepants is no doubt going to be a lot of players' main. The little yellow sponge has a bevy of potential moves and weapons. He's got a spatula and jellyfish net, and can even master the art of bubble blowing.

4: Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)

With his state as a hybrid ghost, Danny lives between planes of the living and the not-so-living. It makes for an interesting specialization of spectral powers and movement that should make him a very fun, if not tricky, character to play.

5: Sandy Cheeks (Spongebob Squarepants)

Sandy Cheeks is a no-nonsense squirrel from Texas, who is not unfamiliar with the art of kicking butt. She's proficient with a lasso and has a mean karate chop, so don't be surprised if she brings some of the Texas heat.

6: Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)

Nigel Thornberry is a fabulous freak of an enthusiast for the natural world. Essentially the Crocodile Hunter of his own world, Nigel’s quirkiness is only matched by his expertise when it comes to survival in the wild. Both of these things are coming to his All-Star Brawl character and that’s cause for celebration.

7: Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

If you’re going to have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters, there’s no way you could start without Leonardo. The de facto leader of the team and arguably the most skilled combatant among them, Leonardo's double swords and ninja skills make him a no-brainer on this roster.

8: Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants)

Patrick might not be the brightest star, but what he lacks in intellect he'll no doubt make up for in brawn. With a stomach like that, you can expect a lot of moves focused on throwing around his weight - maybe even splatting some people with a belly flop.

9: Zim (Invader Zim)

We already know that Zim will be shedding his clever human costume and attempting to make the Earth bow before his might when All-Stars launches and we can't wait to give him a hand! Let's just hope he's more competent at it in the game than he is in his cartoon.

10: Lincoln Loud (The Loud House)

It's not easy to survive a house full of sisters, but Lincoln Loud has managed to do and still thrive. How hard could a brawl with the Nicktoons pantheon possibly be? After all, he's a man with a plan.

11: Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are never too serious to have fun (besides maybe Raphael sometimes), but Michelangelo takes this to the max. The fun-loving, pizza-gobbling nunchaku slinger has always been the happiest turtle around and he brings something very different from Leonardo to the list.

12: Reptar (Rugrats)

He's already been confirmed for the roster and for good reason. Reptar has been one of the most omnipresent characters in the Rugrats universe, even though he's a fictional dinosaur in their world. Still, a dinosaur is badass and he's a great choice to stomp all over the competition.

13: Lucy Loud (The Loud House)

If there's a cast member from The Loud House that you probably wouldn't want to mix it up with, it's Lucy Loud. As part of the school's Mortician's Club, she looks like she's not only seen some things, but also conjured them up. Who knows what she could bring with her to a fight against a massive roster?

14: Oblina (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)

Oblina is the snake-like creature of the main Real Monsters trio and that will make her a very interesting fighter in this list already. She can shapeshift, pull out her own organs, and is a generally well-learned monster master in the ways of all things scary.

Rounding out the “Ultimate” Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl list

Now here are the characters that (mostly) should be in this game.

15: Rocko (Rocko’s Modern Life)

While our wallaby pal was fairly timid on his show, I'm sure he could bring the thunder from down under in the battle arena.

16: Ren (Ren & Stimpy)

Ren Höek is a diminutive chihuahua with a poor attitude and decidedly psychotic tendencies — making him a solid choice for a game where you must beat your opponents senseless.

17: Doug Funnie (Doug)

Doug Funnie was one of the original Nicktoons, the sort of "every kid" that young people could relate to back in the early 90s. Whether it's as himself or his super alter ego "Quail Man," Doug would be one of the most recognizable faces on the roster to 90s kids and could hold his own with the rest of the fighters.

18: Tommy Pickles (Rugrats)

Tommy is always the baby with a plan, ready to jump into any situation head-first. That would also include massive brawls, which would make him a dangerous tactician to deal with.

19: Donkey Lips (Salute Your Shorts)

Eddie C. "Donkey Lips" Gelfand was part of the crew at Camp Anawanna on the show Salute Your Shorts. He was reliable comic relief and the sidekick of bully Bobby Budnick.

20: Heffer (Rocko’s Modern Life)

In a lot of ways old Heff was the prototype for Spongebob's Patrick. Sure would be great to see the two of them slap it out for sidekick supremacy.

21: Nick at Nite (All of it)

Nick's late night programming block deserves a place amongst this game's competitors. Would it just be the moon logo messing people up or would we get a chance to throw down as the Golden Girls? We'll let you decide which would be best.

22: Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy)

Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat is the roommate and life partner of Ren Höek. Known for his shapely buttocks and unrelenting stupidity, Stimpy will likely make a wonderful punching bag for his Nick-Brawl opponents.

23: Skeeter (Doug)

Would Skeeter be any stronger of a fighter than his best friend, Doug Funnie? Probably not, unless he was fighting as his alter ego, the Silver Skeeter. That guy has no weaknesses and could be the most powerful fighter on the roster.

24: Filburt (Rocko’s Modern Life)

Look out for his special move "You turn the page, you wash your hands. You turn the page, you wash your hands..."

25: Little Pete (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)

Little Pete was always a bit of a badass and a rebel who marched to the beat of his own drum. Homie even had a couple tattoos and hung out with a superhero all the time. He'd definitely kick some butt in this game.

26: Big Pete (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)

You can't have one Pete and not the other. It's just basic science.

27: Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)

Chuckie would be a wild card from the Rugrats roster, because he rarely shows any kind of bravery or initiative. Think of him more like what Luigi is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, someone who's a coward on the surface, but who you wouldn't want to make any enemy out of.

28: Patti Mayonnaise (Doug)

Patti Mayonnaise may not look like she'd bring much to the table in a brawling scenario. But, as she's proven on Doug many times, she is to be underestimated at everyone's peril. She even made her way onto the boys baseball team in a twist out of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. (Or Amanda Bynes' She's the Man, for you younger readers.) She can definitely hang with a roster of hungry fighters.

29: Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

With Avatar being a Nick property, you have to have its star player. Aang should be a very quick character with good air mobility and some range with his staff/glider to really keep other players on their toes. Accessing the Avatar state to devastate his opponent would be an awesome ultimate finisher.

30: GIR (Invader Zim)

Where Zim goes, so does his malfunctioning robot companion. His attacks better involve a piggy and some high-velocity sandwiches.

31: Stu Pickles (Rugrats)

You've probably seen the meme by now. Are you going to doubt what Tommy's dad can do in a massive brawler? He's been up all night practicing for this! Don't forget that Stu Pickles is a toymaker. He's going to have no shortage of gadgets to bring with him to an all-out brawl.

32: Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

If Zuko is included in this game, he has to be a bit flashy with powerful flaming kicks and a quick fire projectile. It could also be interesting if he has a way to alternate styles allowing for his dual wielding sword side to make a cameo. That mask is pretty cool.

33: Artie, The Strongest Man in the World (Pete & Pete)

How are you not going to put the strongest man in the world in your game?! Artie is prime grappler material.

34: Porkchop (Doug)

Behind every good man is a dog and Doug Funnie wouldn't be where he is today without his trusty pooch, Porkchop. Either as a sidekick to Doug or as his own fighter, Porkchop would make a valuable addition to this game's roster.

35: Really Really Big Man (Rocko’s Modern Life)

Getting a chance to finally have RRBM and Powdered Toast Man duke it out would be the Goku vs Superman of Nicktoons.

36: Mr. Horse (Ren & Stimpy)

Mr. Horse is a bit of a loose cannon, so you could expect quite a bizarre assortment of moves. Perhaps he might come dressed in gloves with a walrus? Either way, if you injure him, we’d have to expect his catchphrase, letting us know whether or not he likes it.

37: Marc Summers (Double Dare/What Would You Do?)

Marc Summers as a game master is a must for this roster. He may not be much of a fighter himself, but as one of the people who controls the dreaded Nickelodeon slime, he could be a very dangerous adversary for the Nick roster.

38: Clarissa (Clarissa Explains It All)

We don’t have to explain why having the lead of Clarissa Explains It All in this game would be a good idea. Put her in and she’ll do it for us. That’s kind of her thing. We hope her baby alligator, Elvis, could also come along for the ride as an attacking pal.

39: Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Katara could be one of the most versatile characters in the game's roster between fighting style and movement. Her ability to create projectiles from water, or shields would be great for gameplay and she has a dangerous water whip and healing abilities that may also come in handy.

40: Phil & Lil (Rugrats)

The Nick roster would need its own version of the Ice Climbers, so this is why Phil and Lil are being included as a tandem choice. They'll use their twin powers to gang up on other fighters, which should make up for the fact that they're... well... babies.

41: Muddy Mudskipper (Ren & Stimpy)

This unassuming fish is actually a bit dastardly. There is sure to be a host of moves that feel a bit cheap and dirty, just don't be offended if he calls you a "lousy bum".

42: Alanis Morissette (You Can’t Do That On Television)

You oughta know that before she was making us swallow jagged little pills, our pal Alanis here was getting slimed on You Can't Do That on Television. It's also where she met and started dating our next contender.

43: Dave Coulier (Out of Control)

Before he was Uncle Joey on Full House, Dave was telling people to "Cut. It. Out!" as the host of Canadian kids show Out of Control. He was also dating Alanis, who I'm sure would love a chance to pop Dave in the kisser if the song she wrote about him is accurate.

44: Dora (Dora the Explorer)

Dora has plenty of dangerous tools she can pull out of that backpack and her trusty monkey pal Boots may be a great option for extended hitboxes and mix-ups.

45: Ellen Josephine Hickle (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)

She's a girl and she's a friend, but she's not a girlfriend. And I bet she's been waiting a long time to smack Big Pete around for that one.

46: Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Toph is a fan favorite and her earth bending style would be pretty fun to unleash in a party style game. Being able to trap enemies or cause the screen to shake with her stomps would make her feel both powerful and fun to the player. She would definitely be a defensive character with a strong counter move but less range in upward movement.

47: Angelica (Rugrats)

Angelica is the undisputed boss of the Rugrats roster. Even if she doesn't bring much to the table physically, she could just as easily have the other babies fight her fights for her. After all, she's a big kid... and they're just babies!

48: Ferguson (Clarissa Explains It All)

In many cases, Ferguson is basically the worst. He only has a handful of moments in the show in which he shows any sort of redeeming qualities. That very nature could make him annoying to play against, fun to troll with, and rewarding to beat up.

49: Green Slime (Nickelodeon)

Probably nothing is more synonymous with Nickelodeon than its iconic green slime. It deserves to be more than prop or weapon in a Nick game, it deserves to be a playable character.

50: Dib (Invader Zim)

As most fans know, Zim was the villain of his own show. We need a hero like Dib for counter balance, even if he is a misanthrope.

51: CatDog (CatDog)

The Odd Couple of the late '90s, CatDog is a literal two-headed threat with twice the claws and teeth of your normal domesticated pet.

52: Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Sokka would be a great goofball character with a somewhat unorthodox combat style. He will hop into battle by tripping over his feet falling into opponents or smacking people from long range with his boomerang.

53: Alex Mack (The Secret World of Alex Mack)

Alex Mack was like most young girls until she decided to jump in front of a tanker truck and got doused in some slime that gave her unpredictable powers and the insatiable drive to wear bad hats. With the ability to do just about anything, including transform into water or become an All-Pro center for the Cleveland Browns, Mack should be a formidable foe for her Nick-Brawl opponents.

54: Daggett Doofus “Dag” Beaver (The Angry Beavers)

You know who's always ready for a fight? Daggett. This angry beaver is one frustrating moment away from snapping, and going on a rampage. We'd anticipate a lot of wood-based attacks, perhaps even some costume changes.

55: Gaz (Invader Zim)

Go ahead and tell Gaz she can't be in a fighting game full of Nickelodeon’s best and see how that works out. Not our butts that are gonna get kicked.

56: Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius)

Jimmy Neutron is a young boy gifted with the power of endless knowledge and hair that never needs product to stay together. His inventions have produced many adventures and misfires. He is possibly the smartest character in this collection of oddities.

57: Appa (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Appa is such a good companion but probably a bit unorthodox for a fighting game. His thick tail could create wind projectiles or be used to keep other players way. Shaking himself would force items to drop out of the bags the crew left on his back which could be used for power ups. You have to give him an opportunity to eat players just so he can spit them out covered in slobber.

58: Norbert Foster “Norb” Beaver (The Angry Beavers)

If Daggett is chaos, Norbert is control. He likes to keep his emotions in check and feels himself a bit superior to his brother. His moves might not be flashy, but they'll sure to get the job done.

59: Carly (iCarly)

Any excuse to include the Miranda Cosgrove at the computer meme as a ultimate special move is ok with us.

60: The Aggro Crag (Nickelodeon Guts)

This glowing rock made out of foam crushed many a kid's spirit on Nickelodeon Guts, we'd love to see it literally crush some opponents in a video game, even if it’s just as a stage.

61: Korra (The Legend of Korra)

Korra is multifaceted and more aggressive than Aang so there is an opportunity for a different playstyle more reliant on power and direct impacts than an Airbender's style. We believe her combination of bending with more shoto style moveset would make her a strong character.

62: Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Raphael is just a born fighter. Where the rest of the group is pretty fun-loving or mellow in and out of a fight, Raphael is almost always a bit more short-fused and ready to throw fists at a moments notice. Nick All-Star Brawl could probably use more brutes and Raphael fits the bill.

63: Sam (Clarissa Explains It All)

If we’re going to go with Clarissa, who is mellow, and Ferguson, who is the worst, then we inevitably also need Sam, who is the best. In hindsight, Sam was a bit of a creeper with his ladder at Clarissa’s window, but his element of surprise might serve him well in Nick Brawl.

64: Timmy Turner (The Fairly Oddparents)

Timmy Turner was assigned wish-granting godparents to make up for his awful real parents. Most of his wishes work on the Monkey's Paw system with hilarious results, which could make him a grab bag of random effectiveness in All-Star Brawl.

65: Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

We can already see Uncle Iroh sipping tea in his intro before opening up a can of whoop-a**. He would be a great defensive character with a strong parry and big and boisterous fireball attacks to shield him from incoming pressure or projectiles.

66: Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Many people consider Donatello to be the best of the TMNT squad, if not for his smarts, then for his long-reaching bo staff. If Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is in need of a character with some Dhalsim-like reach on his moves, Donnie and his staff might fit the bill.

67: Eliza Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)

Eliza’s ability to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle is a big power to have. It means she’s capable of calling any number of creatures from the animal kingdom to her aid, and that makes her sound like she’d be a blast in Nick Brawl.

68: Ickis (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)

Ickis may be a strange-looking little rabbit-like creature in a dress, but his ability to grow his size at will is notable to say the least. It’d be fun to have him be able to move between his diminutive fast form and his bulky and nasty large form.

69: Roger Klotz (Doug)

In the world of Nickelodeon baddies, Roger Klotz may as well be one of the most iconic of the bunch. He’s the Wolf O’Donnell to Doug’s Fox McCloud, there to try to outdo him, one-up him, and complicate Doug’s life at every turn. Nick Brawl needs good villains and Roger has every reason to fill that role.

70: Bradley Taylor (Hey Dude)

A lot of us are pretty damn old here at Shacknews, so you know we had to get at least one person from Hey Dude on this list. It might as well be the rich girl who’s one of the best riders to bring that money and equestrian talent into a moveset.

71: Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

This game needs a Ganondorf. And besides being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles most notable villain, Shredder is also a menacingly proficient martial arts brute capable of fitting the role perfectly.

72: Donnie Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)

The wild-raised Donnie would be a really fun addition to the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl crew. His wild animal demeanor and proficiency with turning literally anything into a boomerang can only be matched by the constant jibberish he spits at every turn.

73: Otto Rocket/Regina Rocket (Rocket Power)

In Otto Rocket, you get a highly-skilled athlete who is proficient with skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding and still only 11 years old. And, if you're going to have Otto you almost certainly need to bring his sister, Reggie, who boasts quite the resume as an athlete as well. If Nick All-Star Brawl was going to fiddle with mirror fighters, the Rockets would be great candidates.

74: Carmen Electra (Good Burger)

Not only does Carmen have fighting game experience thanks to her appearance in Def Jam Fight for NY, but she also takes an inadvertent beating from Kel in the Good Burger movie, making her an obvious choice for this roster.

75: Cosmo & Wanda (The Fairly Oddparents)

Cosmo and Wanda Cosma are Timmy Turner's godparents and also fairies. They can grant wishes and have been known to assist multiple historical figures with wishes throughout time. Their power over wishes and history could make for a fantastic magical moveset.

76: Jenny Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)

Jenny’s character as a machine full of weapons, but with her own will and a good heart remind us of another certain robot in Smash. That aside, Jenny would also just be great because she has gadgets upon gadgets to pull from that would be great for beating down the other Nick clowns.

77: Face (Nick Jr.)

This disembodied apparition was a host for the Niick Jr. programming block starting in 1994. Face expresses positive emotions as the entirety of its character, so I suspect it will be beaten senselessly in hand-to-hand combat.

78: April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

April hardly ever gets a chance to shine, playing the damsel in distress all too often in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stories. That said, she’s resourceful and uniquely equipped for combat thanks to her proximity to the turtles and knowing what it takes to get an important story.

79: Steve (Blue’s Clues)

There's no way we could ever see Blue being ferocious, and we could definitely never punch that adorable little pupper. Steve on the other hand...

 80: The Gromble (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)

The Gromble is the monster that teaches monsters to scare, and don’t let his cute little shoes fool you - he'll go to any length to bring out the best in other monsters. With all the bravado (and yelling) of a military boot camp instructor and the frightening ability to swallow other monsters whole, you do not want to be on Gromble’s bad side. The real challenge is finding his good side.

81: Dudley Puppy (T.U.F.F. Puppy)

With no fear and no pants, Dudley Puppy would be ready and eager to stop any ne'er-do-wells in their tracks. With “the perfect mix of every breed of dog known to man,” he’s also got the natural talent to overcome most situations, if he can overcome his air-headedness first.

82: Magellan (Eureka’s Castle)

Sure, he was a pretty chill dude who helped teach kids about friendship back in the 80s. But a dragon is still a dragon, right?

83: Franklin the Turtle (Franklin and Friends)

Franklin the Turtle might not be a mutant ninja teenager but he could count by twos and tie his shoes and maybe scrap with some Nickelodeon co-stars.

84: Vicky (The Fairly Oddparents)

Vicky is Timmy Turner's teenage babysitter and an all-around stain on the fabric of life. She likes to watch TV and actively lower the quality of Timmy's existence. Her persistently vicious nature would probably make her a nasty combatant in a brawl.

85: The Chameleon (T.U.F.F. Puppy)

With his transformation suit, The Chameleon could be the Shang Tsung of Nick All-Star Brawl by changing into other characters as well as being a bad dude.

86: Arnold (Hey Arnold!)

You didn’t think we forgot about Arnold himself did you? “Football Head” has proven himself time and time again to be very capable as a kid in the big city, helping lots of folks through their problems and issues while living his own life. Arnold isn’t always perfect, but he is reliable.

87: Tito Makani (Rocket Power)

Tito is a laid back dude, but he looks like he can handle himself and, if he can't, he can always mesmerize opponents with an engaging story.

88: David the Gnome (The World of David the Gnome)

David’s powers are mostly peace-loving and serve to benefit the prosperity of nature, but if you don’t think David the Gnome can mess you up, you’ve never dealt with the emotional trauma the end of this series can do to a single digit-aged kid.

That rounds out our extensive list of picks for a full Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl roster. Who would you pick? Which character’s greatness and case for inclusion did we fail to recognize? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty section below.

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