Where was Mass Effect 4 at EA Play Live 2021?

Why did we not see BioWare's space RPG sequel at EA's event?


Following a limited exhibition during the E3 2021 festivities last month, many had hoped for a big showing at the EA Play Live 2021 event. While EA did take the opportunity to debut some new games and offer additional details on others, one of their biggest projects was absent from the proceedings. 

A teaser for a next-generation Mass Effect game was first shown last year during The Game Awards show and got BioWare fans worked up into a frenzy. The teaser itself was incredibly light on details other than an indication that the franchise would continue. With EA Play 2021 being a major exhibition on publisher EA’s calendar, many expected to hear more from BioWare at the event. Unfortunately for the fans, there was no Mass Effect or BioWare presence at the show.

Where was Mass Effect 4 at EA Play Live 2021?

While it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some bit of information out of the EA Play 2021 event, it just wasn't in the cards for BioWare’s space opera. The incredibly vague teaser from last year was a strong indicator that the project was in its earliest stages and EA could have been hesitant to over-promise and under-deliver one of its bigger franchises after the Anthem debacle.

BioWare itself got out in front of fans earlier this month when it made a post on social media explaining that the team was hard at work on both Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but that neither game would be at EA Play 2021.

While most publishers have had no issue revealing projects intended for a 2022 release, EA has kept its lips sealed on any potential date for the next Mass Effect. It would not be surprising for the project to target a 2023 launch and for concrete details to remain under wraps until next year. EA doesn’t appear to be in a rush and would much prefer for the next Mass Effect to bring the series back to its former glory.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our Mass Effect series hub as we will make sure to keep it updated with any new developments or information as it is made available by EA or BioWare.

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