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How to get Zeraora - Pokemon Unite

Unlock Zeraora in Pokemon Unite by participating in the limited-time special event.


Pokemon Unite lets trainers battle other Pokemon in a new way, and one monster that can be used to Zeraora. This Electric-type Mythical Pokemon is sure to offer a new way to experience the game but you’ll need to unlock it first. Here’s how to get Zeraora.

How to get Zeraora

To unlock Zeraora in Pokemon Unite, you must log in and play Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch before August 31, 2021. By doing this, you will receive the Zeraora licence, granting you access to this Mythical creature. Now, it’s worth nothing that you won’t get a notification that you’ve got Zeraora. 

pokemon unite unlock zeraora

To actually get the Zeraora licence, you must check your mail in-game.

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Press the X button to open the settings
  3. Scroll down to Mail
  4. Under System Messages is one called Launch Bonus
  5. Press A on it to receive the Zeraora licence

Now that you’ve got the Zeraora licence, you will want to practice with it before you dive into a proper battle. To do that, select the Pokemon option from the main menu (it looks like a Poke Ball). This new menu will show you the Pokemon you have acquired, the Pokemon currently available to play for a limited time, and the rest of the Pokemon currently in the game. Scroll along until you find Zeraora. Select it and then choose Practice Area to take it into an arena to practice its moves.

By simply playing Pokemon Unite before the specified date, you will be able to unlock Zeraora by accepting the gift from the Mail screen. When you’ve got the licence, you can take it into a battle to fight other players! Keep in mind, other players may rush to select it, so you’ll need to click fast. Stop by the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more helpful tips.

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