Tetris Beat is giving Apple Arcade an injection of rhythm & tetrominoes soon

The new Tetris Beat mixes classic tetromino dropping action with rhythm game elements and will add new songs each month.


As time has gone on, Apple’s investment in the Apple Arcade program has been a great boon for mobile gaming. A small subscription gets you access to the whole library, and soon that library will feature a new addition from the Tetris family. Tetris Beat is set to take the classic Tetris formula and mix it up with rhythm gaming aspects and music from contemporary artists, with more promised to be added each month.

Tetris Beat was announced with a new trailer for Apple Arcade on July 20, 2021. A fresh take on the Tetris formula, this particular version’s spin on the game is that it brings musical artists and their popular tracks in alongside rhythm game elements. You’ll still twist, drop, and stack tetrominoes to clear lines, but there will also be three ways to play, including Tap, Drop, and Marathon. The first mode seems to feature multiple tetromino drops in one press while the second seems more like the classic style. Of course, Marathon is just playing Tetris for as long as you can before the board fills up and you lose.

Maybe one of the most interesting features of Tetris Beat is the musical aspect involved in it. The game will launch with a good collection of music from various artists already, including Alison Wonderland, Garza, Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, Dauwd, Cynthie, Dru Flecha, and more. However, the video also promises that new music will be added to Tetris Beat each month from new and upcoming talent. That points to a potentially ever-expanding soundtrack to continue to play Tetris Beat to.

With games like Roundguard, Spyder, Fantasian, and many more already having made Apple Arcade a worthy investment, it’s looking like Tetris Beat is going to up the value of that subscription even more. It’s set to arrive on Apple Arcade soon, so stay tuned for details (like a finalized release date) as they become available.

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