Resident Evil Village to get patch on PC following proven DRM issues

Pirating aside, Resident Evil Village's PC version showed heavily improved performance after it was cracked and Capcom is going to address it in official capacity.


There has long been a pretty heated conversation about the performance issues caused by DRM and anti-piracy software in a game. Whether it could be proven or not often depended upon the game, but one particular instance finally got the proof it needed to make the publisher do something about it. After a “cracked” DRM-free version of Resident Evil Village on PC was shown to feature massively increased performance and the elimination of major glitches, Capcom will finally address the issue with an official patch.

The work to prove the performance increase in DRM-free Resident Evil Village was done by the folks at Digital Foundry, as reported by Eurogamer. For months, the PC version of Resident Evil Village has featured terrible stutter in regular combat when the player shoots at enemies, and especially in fights with Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. Recently, it was apparently discovered that the PC version of RE Village features anti-piracy software allegedly including not only Denuvo, but also a further Capcom-developed system within Resident Evil Village’s version of Denuvo. Whether this was the direct cause of the problem or not, it was also proven by multiple sources that by removing these systems, the performance issues were resolved.

Resident Evil Village is a fantastic game. The console version doesn’t feature any of these issues described above, which is what our Shacknews review was based on. However, these issues are clearly a tremendous encumbrance on the PC version of the game. Being able to shoot is a key part of Resident Evil Village and it would seem that essentially, the DRM software was doing some kind of check every time the player engaged in combat, leading to the massive stutter and performance issues above.

It’s such a big deal that Capcom actually addressed the matter. In a statement to Eurogamer, the developer and publisher promised that “the team are working on a patch to address PC performance issues, it should be available soon - we'll have more details shortly.”

As good as RE Village is, it’s a shame that it took this much time and outside effort to get to a place where PC players might be able to enjoy it like everyone else. As we await that official PC patch, stay tuned for details here at Shacknews.

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