Niantic talks Pokemon Go Fest 2021 event details, trading and more

The special Pokemon event is happening this weekend, so prepare for a few days of fun and surprises!


Pokemon Go Fest is happening this year, and to celebrate, Shacknews got to sit down with Michael Steranka, Director of Global Product Marketing at Niantic, to chat about all things Pokemon Go. We touch on the importance of keeping participants safe, what players can expect from Pokemon Go Fest 2021, and even dive into the musical theme.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is scheduled for July 17 through to July 18, which means it’ll be a weekend full of Pokemon-related activities. In our chat with Steranka, we discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the game and doing in-person events. Even now, with the delta strain still wreaking havoc around the global, some players may not be able to safely attend in-person events – and Niantic is aware of this.

As for the theme, Niantic thought it would be fun to bring the feeling of a music festival to Pokemon Go. The developers were able to work with the original composer of Pokemon music, Junichi Masuda, who was able to put together unique soundtrack specifically for Pokemon Go.

Over the two-day event, players will be able to experience unique activities. There is a rotating line-up of virtual habitats planned for Saturday while Sunday’s focus is on raid battles. Steranka also hints that the event will cap off with a special mythical Pokemon that players will be able to add to their collection.

Those that want to learn more can head over to the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 page to learn more about what will be on offer at the in-person event. You can also read over the Shacknews Pokemon Go page for our coverage of the popular mobile game.

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