GDQ's Flames Fatales all-women speedrunning event schedule has been released

The Frame Fatales community is ready to go fast and raise money for the Malala Funds charity.


The summer of speedrunning continues as Frame Fatales brings its all-women speedrunning event to the world. The event, Flame Fatales, is being hosted by Games Done Quick and is scheduled to take place in August and will be raising money for the Malala Fund.

Frame Fatales revealed the schedule for the Flames Fatales event in a press release and a Twitter post. The week-long event is slotted in on August 15 and is set to wrap on August 21. There are a few runs that standout, including Fell’s run of Celeste’s Quickie Mountain 2 on PC, Bree12am’s Super Meat Boy Any% run, xChristine’s Ninja Gaiden Any% run on the NES, and Alexxa’s Hollow Knight attempt which is an Impossible Any% Mod run.

There are a whole lot of other runs to look forward to watching in August. Take a look at the Flames Fatales schedule over on the Games Done Quick site so you can pencil them into your calendar. As you tune in, be sure to also open that wallet to donate, because all the money raised throughout the event will go to the Malala Fund. This is a non-profit organization that looks to bring education to women around the world. Last year, Flame Fatales raised over $80,000 for the charity.

It’s been a busy time for the speedrunning community. The Summer Games Done Quick event only just wrapped, where the community was able to raise $2.89 million for Doctors Without Borders. And what’s better than having one cake? Having two cakes. So be sure to keep an eye on the Flames Fatales speedrunning event. You can also stay tuned to Shakcnews as we bring you the latest coverage of the livestream.

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