Elgato's Stream Deck MK.2 is now available

Take your streaming setup to the next level with the new Stream Deck MK.2.


Today’s the day for all things that are spelled similarly. Elgato has just announced the Stream Deck MK.2. This is the latest version of its incredibly handy Stream Deck system that looks to improve workflow and ensure streamers have the plugins that they need at only a button press away.

Elgato revealed on July 15, 2021 that it had created the Stream Deck MK.2, the next iteration of its popular control pad. Not only was it unveiled, it is available for purchase right now for $149.99 USD via the Elgato store.

The Stream Deck MK.2 has a lot of features that ought to appeal to streamers and even those that want to open up new control options for their setups. It comes with 15 LCD keys that feature “one-touch tactile operation” and visual feedback. The apps behind each of the keys are plugins which are available in the Stream Deck Store. As for the icons themselves, they’re all customizable.

There is also host of options and settings behind the icons as well. Users can create more complex actions by turning keys into folders that house as many functions as they need. It’s not just for streaming either, as the buttons can perform Hotkey Actions to assist with video editing, music production, and other keystroke-heavy tasks.

Customization is also provided with interchangeable faceplates. These are available from the store or users can create their own. Perhaps the Xbox 360 era of faceplates is making a comeback. As for connectivity, the Stream Deck MK.2 stand is detachable and the device uses a USB-C connection, which is included.

For more information on the Stream Deck MK.2, be sure to check out the Elgato page. You can also keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest on Elgato’s products.

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