Titanfall 2 servers down, status and maintenance downtime

Whenever Titanfall 2's servers go down these days, it's very likely not due to a scheduled maintenance.


Titanfall 2 remains an exemplary title, but that doesn’t mean its servers are immune to server downtime, maintenance, or nefarious deeds. Recently, the Titanfall 2 servers have gone down, which has led users to wonder what’s going on and whether there’s anything they can do to fix the server problems.

Titanfall 2 server status and downtime information

Due to Titanfall 2 releasing back in 2016, some five years ago at the time of writing, it’s unlikely that Titanfall 2 will be going down for maintenance these days. This is certainly going to be the case now that Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall’s developer) is now working on Apex Legends among other projects. In the event Titanfall 2’s servers go down, it’s likely due to extraneous variables.

While Respawn will be sure to fix issues and get the Titanfall 2 servers back up and running as soon as possible, that’s likely where the team’s involvement will end. Recently, the Titanfall 2 servers went down due to a DDoS attack and community coordinator Jason Garza revealed that “one or two people” are working on the problem. Out of a company with hundreds of employees, that’s very few people, but as mentioned, Titanfall 2 is an old game these days with a limited revenue stream.

Though there’s not much you can do about Titanfall 2 server downtimes beyond checking out Downdetector.com, there is an online movement to have Respawn acknowledge and fix the online security of both titles. Save Titanfall is a fan-made effort to draw attention to the original Titanfall, which has been unplayable for a long while. The site has also made mention of the recent Titanfall 2 online issues.

Outside of hoping Respawn Entertainment fix and tighten the security of Titanfall 2, there’s not much more that can be done about server downtime. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how Respawn is handling the security problems.

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