Dauntless 1.7.0 'Heroes of Ostia' update launches Omnicells to change up your playstyle

Hunters will be able to choose from a number of Omnicells to access passive and active abilities that will help you specialize in your combat abilities.


Dauntless is moving into its next chapter of the hunt with a big new update. The 1.7.0 update otherwise known as Heroes of Ostia launches a new season, complete with a new Hunt Pass, Heroic Escalation, and other updates. However, the big thing here includes the launch of the new Omnicell system, providing all new ways to specialize your hunter for the fight depending on what Omnicell you equip.

Developers Phoenix Labs revealed the new Dauntless 1.7.0 Heroes of Ostia update on July 8, 2021 with a set of patch notes and a fresh new trailer on the Dauntless YouTube channel to show for it. This latest update marks the launch of an all-new season and some major goodies to go with it. The top line of this one is Omnicells. These are a new equippable that act kind of like a subclass for hunters. You can only use one at a time, but by arming yourself with an Omnicell, your hunter can gain access to special abilities like added lifesteal, extra health, and a strong ice lance active attack.

Omnicells are easily one of the most interesting additions coming in the new Heroes of Ostia update, but it’s not the only goodies here. A new Wild Thunder Hunt Pass has also launched with a free and premium track to a wealth of seasonal cosmetic rewards such as the Ostian Hinterlands Rangers gear. These are rewards you’ll be able to earn through the new Heroic Escalations. With this, you’ll have one Heroic Escalation you can play each week that will challenge you to take on a gauntlet of Keystone Behemoths with updated moves and abilities.

With Omnicells launching in the Dauntless 1.7.0 Heroes of Ostia update, it’s a new way to specialize yourself, and there’s plenty of challenges ahead with which to test your hunter build and mettle. Stay tuned to Shacknews for the latest on the Dauntless topic, including further info and updates coming down the line this season.

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