Star Wars: The Old Republic will celebrate 10 years with Legacy of the Sith expansion

EA and BioWare's MMORPG based on Star Wars' Old Republic era is turning 10 later this year and will celebrate with an all-new expansion.


It's an incredible concept to imagine, but at the end of this year, Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. That can be wild to fathom, especially for those who remember Knights of the Old Republic like it was just yesterday. It's true, though. SW:TOR is turning ten and BioWare is planning a massive months-long celebration that will kick off with the popular MMORPG's next major expansion: Legacy of the Sith.

Legacy of the Sith will continue the ongoing Old Republic storyline and further explore the twisted plans of the renegade Sith, Darth Malgus. Both Republic and Sith forces alike are in pursuit, a chase that will land players in the middle of the aquatic planet Manaan. BioWare is promising the toughest test yet for seasoned SW:TOR players. To aid them, the level cap will be increased to 80 and it looks like players will need that boost, because difficult missions lie ahead, including a new Flashpoint set on a mountaintop tomb along the highest peaks of the planet Elom and a new Operation set along the remnants of a deep space research station.

Both new and existing players will find some new twists with the upcoming expansion, including a new feature called Combat Styles. Combat Styles will allow players to select a specific class story and combine it with ability sets from other classes, whether they're Force-related or not. BioWare is also looking to tweak the character creation system, as well as implement a series of quality of life improvements.

The new expansion will be just the beginning for SW:TOR's big 10th anniversary year. BioWare has a full 2022 slate filled with new content, events, and more. More details on that will be revealed in the months ahead. In the meantime, look for Legacy of the Sith to release later in 2021 through both the Star Wars: The Old Republic website and Steam, potentially around December to coincide with the MMORPG's original 2011 release date. We'll keep an eye on this story here at Shacknews, so stay tuned for the latest.

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