id Software's Project 2021B leaked by Aussie ratings board

ZeniMax and id Software submitted some software to the Australian Classification Board under the name Project 2021B, but it remains unclear just exactly what it could be.


Many developers and publishers work very hard to keep their work under wraps from the general public until the moment they are ready to begin a proper marketing campaign. Other times, a third party will let the cat out of the bag and potentially ruin the surprise. It would appear we have a case of the latter today as a new title from id Software and ZeniMax appeared on a listing published by the Australian Classification Board. Listed as Project 2021B, the as of yet unknown game received a Mature rating and will be published by ZeniMax Europe.

This type of leak from the Australian Classification Board is not exactly new, even for id Software. Earlier this year, a listing under the name Project 2021A appeared on the website. This classification information was ultimately determined to be for the PSVR version of Doom 3. It is unknown if Project 2021B is also a part of the Doom franchise, but the initial evidence points in a different direction. 

The listings between Doom 3 PSVR and Project 2021B differ in a few areas. The PSVR game was rated as R18+ for "high impact violence" while 2021B only received a Mature rating for “violence” and online interactivity.” Project 2021B does not carry the VR media type designation seen on the Project 2021A listing, either, which probably rules out this new software being a VR game.

With QuakeCon less than two months away, it is possible that this new listing is for an unannounced Quake project or remaster intended to be debuted at id’s annual Quake celebration. Once we know more details, you can be sure your friends here at Shacknews will have plenty of coverage.

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