Original Star Fox co-programmer would like another chance at the IP 'without gimmicks'

Giles Goddard of Vitei and Chuhai Labs and former programmer at Nintendo wouldn't mind returning to the Star Fox series with an on-rails shooter.


At this point, the Star Fox series hasn’t had anything new or interesting in quite some time. The franchise also took some interesting risks that many would argue probably weren’t the best. It’s one of those series that Nintendo has left by the wayside as it focuses on other things, but it hasn’t been forgotten by the people who made it. Recently, original Star Fox co-programmer Giles Goddard revealed that, if given a chance, he’d be interested in doing a new Star Fox game that sheds the gimmicks and returns to its on-rails shooter core.

Goddard revealed this sentiment in a recent appearance on the GameXplain YouTube Channel where he spoke about a myriad of gaming and Nintendo topics. When asked if there was a Nintendo franchise he would want to work on, he brought up Star Fox.

“It would be interesting to do a Star Fox, I think,” he replied. “But not how the other ones were done. I think I would just dial it back a lot and not in gimmicks like, you know, the stuff Star Fox Zero had, and maybe not even put in the free roaming aspects and stuff like that.”

In this same conversation, when asked if he meant he’d like to do an official new Star Fox or spiritual successor that utilized the Star Fox look, Goddard shared that he didn’t see much value in the latter.

“A sort of retro Star Fox thing? Um, no,” he explained. “I think if we did it, it would have to be either an extremely stylised retro look, or just very updated and modern-looking. But I wouldn’t try to replicate the polygons from the Super FX chip because I don’t see the point. You don’t go back that far, you know. We’ve fixed that problem, you don’t want to go back to it.”

Giles Goddard has moved on from Nintendo to work on games at Chuhai Labs, which he helped found as Vitei, but he isn’t the only one who has such feelings about his former work at Nintendo. SEGA's Toshihiro Nagoshi (who worked on GameCube’s F-Zero GX) also recently shared that he’d love to work on a new, challenging F-Zero game. Even so, we haven't seen a new Star Fox in official capacity since Star Fox Zero in April 2016, and it seems we likely won’t see any new F-Zero or Star Fox in the immediate future. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal.

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