Encrypted message platform Wickr is acquired by Amazon

Analysts speculate that Amazon is making the move in preparation to take on more government contracts for its AWS business.


Acquisitions in the tech business are about as common as warts on a toad, so it should come as no surprise to hear that online retail giant Amazon has made a move to acquire a smaller firm. Amazon made the announcement today that it has picked up Wickr, a firm best known for its encrypted messaging technology. The terms of the deal are still unknown, but the move is believed to be related to Amazon’s desire to secure more government contracts for its AWS cloud services.

The retailer confirmed the acquisition in a blog post earlier today, outlining the desire to improve the security of the various products it offers businesses.

There is outside speculation that Amazon is shoring up security as it tangles with Microsoft over some large government job bids for cloud computing services. Wickr has been offering services that are free for public use in addition to paid services targeting military communications. The company has also previously worked with the department of defense on previous contracts.

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