Microsoft (MSFT) tops $2 trillion market cap after Window 11 reveal

The Redmond-based tech giant's stock value continues to rise under CEO Satya Nadella.


Once the darling of the tech and financial industry during its illustrious rise in the 1990s, Microsoft (MSFT) has managed to climb back up into the upper echelon in recent years. The current boom period for the company has now pushed its value to an all-time high. Microsoft’s market capitalization surpassed $2 trillion dollars for the first time ever during Thursday trading before closing the day’s session at $266.69 per share.

Eclipsing the $2 trillion dollar mark is a cherry on top of an already big day for Microsoft as the company revealed its latest operating system, Windows 11, to the world. While news of the new operating system certainly had a positive short-term impact on the stock price in today’s trading, the company has been on an upward trajectory for some time now. Since taking over for Stever Ballmer in 2014, current CEO Satya Nadella has overseen a doubling in the company’s value.

Much of the positive growth for Microsoft cannot be attributed to its operating system business alone. Expansion into cloud computing and acquisitions have been incredibly successful for the brand. The company has also enjoyed the benefits of surging consumer demand for laptops and PCs as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Microsoft was one the first companies to clear the $1 trillion dollar mark back in 2019, though Apple still holds the crown as the world’s most valuable company. Still, Microsoft is now sitting among some impressive company, including Google parent company Alphabet and Amazon. If Microsoft can continue this positive momentum with its internal products like Teams and pursue further beneficial acquisitions (as they did with ZeniMax in 2020), the future will remain bright.

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