Apex Legends' Genesis Collection Event takes players back to the original Kings Canyon

Apex Legends players who long for the days of Thunderdome and Skull Town will be happy to find them intact in the upcoming limited-time event.


Kings Canyon is the original Apex Legends battle royale map that has been part of the game since its very launch back in February 2019, but it is hardly the same as it started. Season after season has brought a vast number of changes to Kings Canyon where it pretty much an entirely different map from where it started. If you long for the halcyon days of the Relay Station, Skull Town, and Thunderdome, then Respawn’s next limited-time event for Apex Legends might have you covered. The very original state of Kings Canyon is coming back in the Genesis Collection Event.

Apex Legends announced the limited-time Genesis Collection Event with a trailer on the Apex Legends YouTube channel and blog post on the game’s website on June 24, 2021. Starting on June 29 and running to July 9, 2021, the Genesis Collection Event will go active in Apex Legends, featuring the original layouts of the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps in rotation during the duration of the event. Everyone from when these maps were launched will be back in its original place as you remember it.

That’s not all that’s coming to the event. Players will also be able to chase after 24 limited-time cosmetics tied into the event. There are Legendary skins for Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Crypto that can be pulled from Apex Packs alongside a number of other sprays, weapon charms, and weapon skins that can be earned in the event. Plus, if you earn every single one of the 24 event items, you’ll unlock Revenant’s Heirloom for heirloom crafting: a deadly looking cybernetic scythe.

With Apex Legends still currently in the stretch of its Season 9 run, this is a solid look back at the very beginning of the game with plenty of rewards to go with it. If you want them, be sure to play your way through when the Genesis Collection Event kicks off on June 29.

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