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Updated packaging fuels rumors that Ghost of Tsushima is PC bound

The open-world samurai action title could possibly join other formerly PlayStation-exclusive franchises on PC.


The idea that any of Sony’s biggest console exclusives would ever make an appearance on PC was laughable as recently as 2019. The laughter subsided early last summer when Sony confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn would be ported to PC. Following Horizon’s PC launch, speculation was kicked into high gear about the possibility of other Sony-exclusives appearing on PC. Days Gone became the second giant domino to fall earlier this year and the much-vaunted MLB The Show franchise even made an appearance on Xbox platforms.

Predictably, this further opened the floodgates for PlayStation to PC port rumors. The latest such chatter is now surrounding Ghost of Tsushima after eagle-eyed gamers noticed that the “Only on PlayStation” designation has been removed from the game’s most recent packaging.

The removal of the “Only on PlayStation” designation was previously seen with both Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone prior to the formal announcement of their respective ports. That said, the designation has also been removed from both Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and neither of those titles have received any official word pertaining to a PC release.

Less than a month ago, it appeared that Sony accidentally let slip that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was en route to PC. Naughty Dog’s adventure opus was spotted on marketing slides on Sony’s website alongside Days Gone as titles planned for a PC release. These slides were intended to be shown to investors but were spotted by internet sleuths (can’t get anything past these guys!).

While none of this circumstantial evidence proves that Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC, the idea that this would even be possible is a lot more believable than it might have been just one year ago.

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