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Are Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios working together on a new Silent Hill?

There are rumors and conspiracies flying around that Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios are creating a new Silent Hill game. Here's the lowdown.


It’s been a long time since the last Silent Hill game, and after Kojima and Konami parted ways, it seemed like we’d never get another adventure in the creepy franchise. However, recent discussions are surfaces online that seem to hint at a collaboration between Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios. This has led players to wonder whether the two are working together to create a new Silent Hill.

Is Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios making a new Silent Hill?

It is unlikely that Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios are making a new Silent Hill. That is to say, it’s most likely a “no”. The team at BLUE BOX Game Studios has been very clear that they have no relationship with Konami, even going so far as to make a very straight-to-the-point Tweet about the matter.

So, what started all of this hubbub about BLUE BOX potentially making a Silent Hill game with Hideo Kojima? Well, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier put together a Twitter thread highlighting a few important beats. The most critical bit of information is a Reddit thread from r/TheBlueBoxConspiracy. This comprehensive thread digs deep to find connections to suggest that a Silent Hill game is being created.

There is seriously a whole lot of “evidence” to dig through here. There are Tweets from BLUE BOX, a history of Kojima using a fake studio to announce games, Kojima retweeting things with “silent” and “hill” in them, even an analysis of the name Hasan Kahraman and whether it’s a pseudonym for Kojima.

This could be nothing – or it could be something! Either way, fans of Silent Hill are long overdue a new title. The last one in the series was back in 2012, which is almost a decade ago. For now, though, it looks like the Kojima and BLUE BOX Game Studios conspiracy about a new Silent Hill game is just that, a conspiracy. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you more as this story develops.

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