Shacknews E5 - Dave Oshry on New Blood Interactive & upcoming games

We speak with New Blood Interactive's head honcho about their stable of games and what to look for in the future.


If you haven’t yet hopped on the New Blood Interactive bandwagon, you might want to do so soon. At the pace the company has been delivering quality games, there may not be much room left for latecomers once the masses get in on the fun. As of right now, the games the company has released have felt a bit like a special secret that a select few have been able to enjoy, but that time will soon pass once word gets around. Though the company has only been around for a few years, its track record is beyond impressive with releases like Dusk and Amid Evil. 

We got the opportunity to sit down with Dave Oshry, the head honcho over at New Blood Interactive. We asked him about the founding of the company, its goals, the success it has enjoyed up to this point, and its future prospects.

New Blood Interactive struck gold in 2018 when they finally released Dusk. The retro-inspired shooter served as a faithful recreation of what first-person shooters were like in the 90s while evolving some of the best parts of those vintage designs. It was no mistake that Dusk launched on the 25th anniversary of Doom's original release.

Less than a year later, New Blood oversaw the release of Amid Evil, another love letter to the golden age of PC gaming. This time, the new shooter took inspiration from classics like Heretic and Hexen. New Blood also has Gloomwood on the horizon and, by all accounts, it will be another slam dunk adaptation of classic fps designs. In this case, Gloomwood looks to be taking a fair share of notes from Looking Glass’ classic Thief.

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