Shacknews E5 - Guild Wars 2 Lead Content Designer Talks Updates, Summer Events & Dragons

We get the scoop directly from ArenaNet on what to expect for Guild Wars 2 this summer, including the End of Dragons expansion.


If you were tasked with creating a shortlist of the best MMOs ever released, it would be nearly impossible to leave Guild Wars off the list. The franchise has been kicking around for more than fifteen years and has enjoyed success that has been unmatched by all but a few of its peers. Guild Wars 2 dropped back in 2012 and continues to engage one of the most loyal player bases in the industry.

As part of our E5 festivities, we got a chance to sit down and get the scoop on everything developer ArenaNet has been cooking up for Guild Wars 2 players in the run-up to the release of the third expansion, End of Dragons. 

ArenaNet first teased players last year with an announcement that work had begun on the third expansion for Guild Wars 2 and it would be titled End of Dragons. The team is planning a huge livestream event that takes place on July 27. This event will be the first in-depth look the community will get at the new expansion, including gameplay details and information on the story.

In addition to End of Dragons, ArenaNet has been hard at work on updating and evolving the Guild Wars 2 experience. A skills and balance update already dropped back in May, along with the first of the Living World stories. Additional bonus events are in the pipe and players should also be on the lookout for an overhaul to the Legendary Armoury. This upgrade makes sharing loot between characters easier than ever. 

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