Shacknews E5 - Teddy Lee talks Rogue Legacy 2's Drifting Worlds update

It's still in early access, but Rogue Legacy 2 is already outdoing its predecessor in many ways. To learn more, we invited Cellar Door Games co-founder Teddy Lee to join us for Shacknews E5.


Cellar Door Games has been hard at work on the upcoming Rogue Legacy 2. Even before its release, the team has already aimed much higher with the sequel, adding new classes, new mysteries, and a much grander world to explore. There are many challenges that come with taking something like the original Rogue Legacy and making it bigger, so to learn about that, as well as the new Drifting Worlds update, we spoke with Cellar Door Games co-founder Teddy Lee.

Rogue Legacy 2's Drifting Worlds update released back in mid-May. We had a lot to ask about and Lee was happy to oblige. We asked about the new Sun Tower, the Fabled Weapons, the newest classes, the challenges in balancing the older classes, and the addition of post-game content, among many other things.

We also dove into some of the challenges of working on Rogue Legacy 2, the increase in balance changes and bug fixes, and the benefits and pitfalls of bringing a game like this to Steam Early Access. Plus, given the game's massive scope, we asked about some of the challenges that come with optimizing the game for all PC users.

There's a lot of content to be found in Rogue Legacy 2 already and it hasn't even hit 1.0 yet! If you want to learn more about what the Drifting Worlds update introduced to the game, you can check out the Rogue Legacy 2 website. Rogue Legacy 2 is currently on Steam Early Access. Be sure to follow Shacknews E5 all week on Twitch and also make sure to follow our videos on demand over on the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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