Shacknews E5 - Mandalorian Pinball Table Showcase with Jack Danger

We got to chat with the host of Dead Flip about Stern's new Mandalorian-themed pinball tables.


After many years away from the limelight they once enjoyed, pinball tables are making a big comeback. Once a dominant fixture of arcades, pubs, and bowling alleys in the 80s and 90s, pinball tables fell out of favor with the public as coin-operated amusements drifted away from their golden age. Thanks to the power of nostalgia and the increasing buying power of millennials, pinball is on the upswing and awesome new tables are being produced by some of the top names in the industry. One such name is Stern, who has just introduced a set of tables based on the Mandalorian license.

We got the opportunity to speak with Jack Danger, pinball aficionado and host of Dead Flip. Danger discusses the new Stern tables and what makes them stand out from the pack.

The Mandalorian-themed tables will be available in three configurations: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The Pro model offers a custom-molded Razor Crest sculpture with a hanging target. Hitting this target qualifies the ball for the center ramp and hitting said ramp will enable Razor Crest multi-ball mode. It also comes with a TIE Fighter spinner, a custom Grogu sculpture, and various missions for dedicated players.

For full details, including features and pricing, make sure to swing by the official Stern Pinball website. It may be best to act fast because this is likely to be the only officially licensed and professionally designed pinball table to offer art depicting both Bill Burr and Carl Weathers.

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