Where was the 'world premiere' voice over guy at E3 2021?

Shacknews has watched every one of these E3 2021 presentations, and not once have we heard the guy who says 'world premiere.' What's the deal?


In a world, one man, tasked with doing voice overs at presentations is nowhere to be found. No, seriously, where is that guy who says "world premiere" during Xbox E3 2021 press events? 

Where was the "world premiere" VO guy at E3 2021?

The Xbox tweet embedded above says that he is "doing okay," but what does that mean? Why wasn't he asked to be a part of the presentation? Is this a change in tone for Microsoft? Is this like when the "can you hear me now?" guy left Verizon for Sprint? Did he get a role in a major motion picture made by Pixar? So many questions, and all Microsoft is willing to do is to tell us that he is "doing okay." We deserve to know more, and it's about time Microsoft was held accountable for something.

We sat there and watched Xbox announce all sorts of awesome new games, DLC, and expansions, but not one time did we get to hear the dude say "world premiere." While many folks are touting this presentation as one of the best of E3 2021, it seems pretty clear to me that they were half-assing it. No Gears? No Elder Scrolls 6? No "world premiere" voiceover guy? Times must be tough at Microsoft as their stock currently values the company at a paltry $1.94 trillion. 

We work really hard here at Shacknews to bring people the very best E3 coverage, and to not hear the dude say "world premiere" has been a huge blow to morale around our virtual office. We can only hope that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets his act together before the next big Xbox presentation, because this simply won't do.

Are you as tired as we are right now? Probably not, but tune in to our Shacknews Twitch channel tomorrow as we react to Capcom and Limited Run Games E3 2021 presentations. This week sure has had a lot of video presentations, eh?

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