DeathRun TV shows off the future of reality TV at E3 2021

From dungeons full of monsters and characters wielding weapons, DeathRun TV peers at the future of reality television programs.


Reality television is rapidly reaching a singularity point where people want more drama and violence than is reasonable to expect. Enter DeathRun TV, the ultimate television experience – and it’s a video game! Revealed at the Future Games Show at E3 2021, this game is a roguelike experience that is full of traps, weapons, and viscera. Check out the trailer below.

Announced on June 13 at the Future Games Show, DeathRun TV ventures into the roguelike genre with the added twist of it being a television show. Contestants, or more rather the player, will need to risk it all in order to survive the deadly traps and monsters that hide around every corner. While you can go it alone, you can also play a co-op mode with up to three other friends.

DeathRun TV has no release date year, though, you can add it to your Steam wishlist and even download a demo, which is lovingly referred to as the Pilot Episode. Take a moment to look over the Future Games Show page on Shacknews for other highlights and then stop by the E3 2021 page for our exhaustive coverage of the annual event.

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