Larcenauts gets gameplay trailer & development roadmap at Upload VR E3 2021 Showcase

A 6v6 PVP VR shooter, Larcenauts got a new gameplay trailer and a development roadmap for what players can expect from developer Impulse Gear.


As virtual reality gaming has continued to improve and we’ve seen more and more styles of games come out, PVP in VR is expanding bit by bit. Impulse Gear is one such group aiming to expand PVP horizons in the VR space and its doing so through Larcenauts, which got an all-new gameplay trailer and a development roadmap during today’s E3 2021 events. It will be coming to Oculus VR and Steam VR platforms this Summer 2021.

Impulse Gear revealed the latest details and trailer on Larcenauts during the Upload VR Showcase 2021 livestream on June 12, 2021. That included the reveal of a new character known as Vod, who is a peculiar non-human creature. It looks sort of like a humanoid shark, but the character’s focus is heavily focused on melee. He has stretchy limbs that can really clobber the heck out of enemies. You can see the new trailer in action just below, including a bunch of Vod gameplay and the way you can use them in matches.

That wasn’t all we saw. Stay tuned to the end of the trailer and you’ll find a roadmap sharing with players what they can expect to see after the game launches shortly. After the initial launch, there are updates such as two-handed aiming, manual reloading on guns, and private lobbies in the immediate works. Moreover, there are substantial content updates coming in Fall 2021 with a new character, map, and game mode confirmed.

Larcenauts is supposed to launch pretty shortly on Oculus VR and Steam VR platforms, so stay tuned for further updates right around the corner. Be on the lookout for more E3 2021 coverage throughout this weekend as well, right here at Shacknews.

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