Song in the Smoke gets Summer 2021 release window

The wilderness survival game is now set to come to VR platforms later this summer.


The Upload VR Showcase 2021 continued with a new look at the upcoming nature-based survival game, Song in the Smoke. This latest effort from the team at 17 Bit Games takes players straight into the wilderness, where they'll craft tools and clothes, while also looking to survive against dangerous wildlife.

17 Bit CEO Jake Kazdal stepped forward for this nine-minute behind-the-scenes video, discussing his goals for the game, as well as diving into some of its mechanics. Kazdal's main goal, as outlined on UploadVR, is to create a more organic take on the survival genre. While development on the game seems to be coming along, Kazdal has cited some difficulties, specifically from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

For the unitiated, Song in the Smoke takes players into a prehistoric world, where they must struggle for survival. A robust crafting system will be in place, allowing survivors to build any tools they might need. Survival will also mean hunting, however, so players will have to take their crafted weapons and search for animals like deer. However, as Kazdal notes in the video above, players must make sure not to scare any of the woodland creatures off, as animals will react differently to various circumstances.

Survival will ultimately give way to progress, as players eventually begin to journey into Song of the Smoke's different biomes. Look for new environments, where survival conditions will inevitably change. Playing in VR will also mean staying vigilant and keeping an eye, as well as an ear, out for potential threats.

Song in the Smoke is coming to Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR this summer. It's just one of many games either being announced or getting updates over the course of E3 2021, so be sure to follow Shacknews for the latest.

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