Loddlenaut announces Kickstarter on Wholesome Direct 2021

Take a dive into Loddlenaut, an open world underwater game that has you cleaning away grime and raising little axolotl-like creatures.


Loddlenaut was the closing act during Wholesome Direct 2021, which is where the developers also announced the official Kickstarter. In this game, players take on the role of a scuba diver who must clean up a polluted ocean planet. Check out the trailer and Kickstarter page below!

The trailer shows off the various activities and cleaning techniques players will be using in Loddlenaut. There’s a vacuum-like laser gun that removes gunk and grime from coral reefs and picks up trash. Collected garbage can be traded in at little kiosks in exchange for improvements to the cleaning tool.

There also looks to be diverse lifeforms called loddles that follow the player around, feeding on the cleaned environment and being fed by the character. And, yes, you can pet the loddles. The trailer also afforded the developers, Ricardo and Jin, a moment to announce the game’s official Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter page gives a little bit more insight into what you will be doing in Loddlenaut. The game features an open world design, where the loddle critters evolve based on what they eat and live in the cozy homes you create them. The open world design means there are various biomes for the player to explore, from Ripple Reef with its bright corals and Flotsam Flats’ plateaus to the kelp-filled forest of Tangle Bay and the spooky Metzi Trench.

Be sure to check out the Loddlenaut Kickstarter to secure your unique rewards. Loddlenaut is scheduled to release in Q4 2022 with an alpha set for Q4 2021. You can also wishlist Loddlenaut on Steam. Keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest on Loddlenaut and other cute games from Wholesome Direct 2021 as well as E3 2021.

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