Pekoe lets you start a tea shop in a cat town

Steep some tea and chat to some cats in Pekoe, a relaxing game by Kitten Cup Studio.


If you like cats and tea, you’re in for a treat with Pekoe. This adorable game being developed and published by Kitten Cup Studio lets players open a tea shop in a cat-filled village. You’ll get to cultivate tea plants, steep tea, and serve it to a lovely assortment of friendly cats. Check out the developers Twitter post below for a look at the trailer!

Kitten Cup Studio also revealed that they will be playing a demo of Pekoe on June 26 on its Discord channel. Players are invited to come and watch as the developers give everyone a look at the type of lifestyle and gameplay on offer.

There are more than 10 unique cat characters you’ll to grow to love in Pekoe, and while they all have their preferred teas, you can serve up a seemingly endless combination of recipes for them to try. These teas will need to be cultivated and harvested, before being prepared and served up in a variety of tea vessels.

Upgrading your tea shop will be an important part of Pekoe. A fresh coat of paint, stylish décor options, and some new teaware means your shop will become the talk of the town. Not only that, but you’ll also be doing plenty of talking! Tea time is an opportunity for you to learn all about your fellow villages as well as the art of tea making, such as when where, and which tea leaves to pick.

You can learn more about this delightful new title over on the Pekoe Steam page. Be sure chill out on Shacknews as we bring you the latest games from Wholesome Direct 2021 and the rest of E3 2021.

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